Virtual Music Releases Polivoks Filter Upgrade For The Waldorf Pulse Synthesizer

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Virtual Music takes the vintage Waldorf Pulse to a new sound level with a new Polivoks upgrade thats adds a more softer, warmth analog character to it.

For a change, something new for a vintage synth from Germany. The vintage Synthesizer repair service Virtual Music from Vienna has today introduced a Polivoks filter upgrade for the Waldorf Pulse Synthesizer. Alexander Guelfenburg, founder of VM offers with this an alternative that is less hard, rougher, and more flexible than the original filter. 

As a reminder: the Waldorf Pulse is a monophonic Synthesizer with three oscillators, a 24 dB lowpass filter with resonance, LFO, and two envelopes. The synth became known mainly because of its somewhat colder, aggressive sound. Not a classic sound like we know from the Minimoog, Pro-One … but one with a very distinct sound.
Waldorf Pulse Polivoks Filter

Virtual Music Waldorf Pulse Polivoks Filter

Virtual Music Polivoks filter upgrade is an adequate and Pulse optimized replica of the filter of the iconic Russian Polivoks Synthesizer. This means you can completely control it with the powerful modulation matrix that makes new sounds possible. According to the developer, the sound is creamy and at higher oscillator levels it is capable of producing juicy saturation effects. With stronger resonances, the filter begins to scream passionately.

The Polivoks offers lowpass and bandpass filter modes but does not take away the original Pulse filter. It remains and you can use it at any time. Oscillator 3 can be used as a modulator for the filter cutoff frequency. In that case, OSC 3 level defines the strength of the modulation. Filter modulations in the audio range create spectacular effects in a simple way – previously impossible for the Pulse. The desired filter setting and the filter modulation by Oscillator 3 can be selected directly from the panel – a simple and quick process.


  • Vintage sound an analog warmth for Waldorf Pulse / Pulse Plus
  • Authentic fat Polivoks sound
  • Multimode filter with low pass and bandpass characteristics
  • Optional filter modulation by Oscillator 3
  • The orignal Pulse filter still remains
  • Easy filter seclection via the front panel
  • Seamless integration into the Pulse sound generation
  • Kit for self-installation – optional installation by Virtual Music
  • Installation without any optical change of the Pulse
  • The filter’s audio path is built in the style of the 80s
  • Handmade boutique ware built-in small batch in Vienna

A nice upgrade for the vintage Waldorf Pulse that turns the synth into a new instrument.
Virtual Music Polivoks Filter Upgrade for Waldorf Pulse is available in two versions: ready built-kit for self-installation for 234€ (with VAT) and with Installation by VM for 330€ (with VAT).

More information here: Virtual Music 


  1. I like the idea of this, as the Pulse filter wasn’t really this synths strongest feature..
    I might have preferred a Wasp, or Roland IR3109 based filter however, but that might just be me.. 🙂 Still, it makes me wonder if other filters might be an option in future?

  2. I like the pulse 1 filter way more than the pulse 2. But this filter add-on costs more than a 2nd hand pulse 2. That’s absolutely ridiculous.
    I do like the fact that it doesn’t replace the original filter though.

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