Support The Charity & Get AAS Objeq Delay, Session Plugins & 6 Sound Packs

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Support the charity and get Objeq Delay, Session virtual instrument plugins, and 6 sound packs with over 500 patches for AAS plugins and Player. 

There are deals that I not only publish on Plugin.Deals but also here. One of them is the new Humble Software Bundle, which is very tempting for music producers. The sound designer and YouTuber Jason Donnelly, also a good friend of mine, has teamed up with Applied Acoustics Systems (AAS) to start a charity campaign.

If you donate to the charities Youth Music UK and Little Kids Rock via the Humble website in the coming days, you will receive a number of audio plugins and soundpacks that normally cost significantly more as a thank you. You do something good and you also get a gift. What an amazing deal and the audio gifts are absolutely worth it.

charity AAS

Pay $1 & More

For everyone who wants to donate the absolute minimum, i.e. $ 1 or more get the AAS Player plugin and two sound packs normally worth $78 USD. Entangled Species is a collection of 128 new sounds for the String Studio VS-3 Synthesizer and AAS Player. Multiverse on the other side features 100 new patches for Chromaphone 3 as well as for the Player plugin.

Pay $16.29+ (average) 

If you have more budget and you pay as much as the average or more, you will get three more high-quality sound packs. The bundle includes Plastic Pop, Starlight & Cinémathèque, three libraries with 418 patches for the Ultra Analog VA-3 Synthesizer, and AAS Player plugins. Plus, you get both sound packs from the entry-level bundle.

Pay $20 & More

If you have a big heart for Jason Donnelly’s project and are willing to donate even $ 20 or more, then you will get the grand prize. You get everything that is in the other bundles plus the super unique Objeq Delay and the Session bundle that features three easy-to-use virtual instruments based on the flagship Synthesizer products. Big hightlight in my opinion is Objeq Delay. It is a creative delay plugin with unique filtering options thanks to acoustic object models. It delivers modulator type effects, drum track layering, one-shot re-crafting, dynamic loop mangling, and drones… It’s worth the $20 alone

Choose where the money goes – between the publisher, Youth Music UK and Little Kids Rock via PayPal Giving Fund. If you support this charity, you also support automatically the Synth Anatomy website. Big thanks.

The charity is available until February 3rd, 2021.

More information here: Humble Bundle (partner link)

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