ValhallaDSP Stays In Its Box, It Was Just A Twitter Joke

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Will we finally see the amazing, characterful ValhallaDSP reverb and delay algorithms in hardware in 2021? There are clear signs.

Update: Sean Costello of ValhallaDSP just answered that it was a tweet joke. Nonetheless, it could be a nudge to go into the hardware world, Mr Costello. 😉

Effects are wonderful. You can quickly add depth and new inspiring elements to synthesizers and other sounds. Especially when there are effects that are so perfectly toned as those from ValhallaDSP that send every instrument into new sound dimensions. It’s hard to make a Sean Costello plugin sound bad.

Each of them can go deep, but is reduced to a good selection of parameters with which one does not lose the overview. Often less is more and ValhallaDSP masters that. The effects of Sean Costello have one disadvantage for many musicians, they are pure plugins. Every now and then you can find the algorithms in hardware (TipTop Audio …) but that is rather the rarity. However, that may change in 2021.
ValhallaDSP hardware joke

ValhallaDSP Hardware?

In a recent tweet, Sean Costello reported that they will think differently in 2021. He said: “I don’t mean to brag, but ValhallaDSP is gonna be Thinking Outside The Box in 2021!”. Working in the box we know what that means, in the computer software, plugins… On the other hand, outside the box is all about hardware, DAWless music production… etc.

If you take the announcement seriously, there will be hardware products from ValhallaDSP in 2021. A dream would come true for me but also for many others. It is not known what these products will look like. One can speculate and there are some options:

  • guitar pedal format would be the most logical step for VDSP. They would attract a lot of musicians here. From guitarists, bassists, Synthesizer players, and many more.
  • eurorack: effects are also available as a module in Eurorack format. That would also be a possibility. It would be nice but less perfect as a first hardware step. The market is smaller and the number of potential customers less. With the ValhallaDSP cards for the TipTop Audio Z-DSP, Eurorack users can already benefit from these excellent algorithms.
  • iOS: even if you were back in the box, the ValhallaDSP plugins as an iOS AUv3 app would be a huge thing. Since many like to use the iPhone / iPad as a  powerful effects processor for hardware synths, this step would make the effects to even more musicians accessible.

These are all speculations. Yes, I love speculation but the tweet says a lot. I’m very excited to see what Sean Costello and his team will introduce to us in 2021. I can not wait.

More information here. ValhallaDSP 

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  1. This would be huge and it would really creat a seismic shift in the hardware fx game. Valhalla is the benchmark for effects and I would love to use them outside of Logic!

  2. You didn’t even mention the possibility of a reverb and/or delay unit similar to Eventide H9000 or Bricasti M7.

    I think that would be the best product they can come out with; so many professionals trust Valhalla DSP and would buy such a product without hesitation.

    • maybe a super big step for a small company like ValhallaDSP. They are three, so not like Eventide or other brands 🙂

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