ValhallaDSP’s New ValhallaDelay Is A Swiss Knife Plugin For Delays & Echoes

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The wait is finally over. Sean Costello (ValhallaDSP) has today released ValhallaDelay, a new super versatile delay plugin for PC & Mac. ValhallaDelay features 7 different delay modes from classic (tape, HiFi, BBD…) to brand-new innovative ones like the Ghost mode. The later one combines the tape model (HiFi mode) with frequency shifting and a unique diffusion algorithm. If you know Sean Costello’s developments, that’s not enough to call it a ValhallaDSP plugin.

So it comes also with five different tape styles (single, dual, quad…) for controlling the number of delay voices. Additionally, you can change the delay lengths from 0 msec to 20 seconds, add/remove artifacts with the age control and more. In short: Congratulations, that’s another highlight of ValhallaDSP and yes it only costs $ 50 USD again. Do not ask for extra discounts, there will be no, even not for Black Friday. The plugins are already sold too cheap in my opinion.

ValhallaDSP ValhallaDelay


ValhallaDelay is our take on classic and modern delay and echo units. Tape echo, BBD, old-school digital, pitch shifting – we’ve got you covered. ValhallaDelay offers the classics, and expands them into new dimensions, with the unique Ratio and Quad delay styles, the Ghost mode (which adds frequency shifting), and a powerful diffusion section that can create anything from smeared echoes to ethereal reverbs.

Seven Different Delay Modes:

  • Tape: Modeled after vintage tape echoes, with all the features and quirks that were loved in the old hardware.
  • HiFi: A higher fidelity tape echo, where the ability to precisely sculpt the sound is in your hands. .
  • BBD: A dark, low fidelity bucket brigade delay model.
  • Digital: A cleaner, higher bandwidth delay, with the ability to dial in digital dirt.
  • Ghost: A Valhalla DSP original! Combines the tape model from the HiFi mode with frequency shifting and a unique diffusion algorithm, for sounds that will split your skull in two.
  • Pitch: A digital delay with added pitch shifting. Perfect for micro-shifting vocals, adding harmonies to synths, creating vast shimmering soundscapes, or shrieking sounds that forever spiral upwards or downwards.
  • RevPitch: Reverse pitch shifting! Everything that goes in, comes out reversed

Five Tape Styles, For Controlling The Number Of Delay Voices

  • Single: Same delay length & modulation for left and right channels.
  • Dual: Independent delay lengths for left and right channels.
  • Ratio: The right channel is set to a ratio of the left channel, and the feedback of left and right channels is mixed. Perfect for sounds that slowly transition from delay to reverb-esque.
  • PingPong: A delay that bounces between the left and right channels, with the ability to set the left and right delays independently.
  • Quad: Models the multi-head tape echoes of the 1960s and 1970s, with up to 4 delay taps on tap.


  • Delay lengths ranging from 0 msec to 20 seconds. Dial in choruses and flangers, slapback echoes, longer delays, or long Frippertronic loops.
  • Sync the delay to the beat, with straight/dotted/triplet options. Or, control the length via milliseconds.
  • Age control, for adjusting the artifacts of the delay mode. Clean and shiny, old and dusty, or anywhere in between.
  • Powerful Diffusion section, that can be used to smooth out the attacks of delays, or can be an amazingly smooth and lush reverb in its own right. Up to 20 seconds of diffusion time possible!
  • Era control, for selecting between different variants of the delay modes.

ValhallaDSP ValhallaDelay is available now for $50 USD for PC & Mac (VST/AU/AAX). Registration is done via simple KeyFile.

More information here: ValhallaDSP

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  1. What is too cheap, Tom?

    In a world stuffed with good delays, including many free ones, a reasonable price allows more sales, more usage from more musicians, more buzz, more appreciative customers willing to consider more of the developer’s other products, and thus more money for the developer. Especially at this stage in music-software history, a high initial price is a plan for weak sales – and practically guarantees weak sales.

    I recognize that Valhalla has done good work relative to the average level of effect-plug releases in the time-algorithm segment. In some sense, Valhalla merits premium status.

    Pricing is not a function of relative algorithm quality, however (and it is worth noting Valhalla doesn’t invest what some developers do in GUI work, for better or worse), so I don’t think it is obvious Valhalla’s pricing is too low. On the contrary, I think the $50 price (which is not cheap for many, many musicians) will serve Valhalla very well – better, in fact than a higher price.

    • sure my comment on the price was that ValhallaDSP doesn’t invest a minute in big marketing like intro price, super sale price etc. like Waves where you pay one day $200 and the other day $29 for the same plugin. ValhallaDSP plugins are always $50 USD and that’s it, no intro price, no black Friday or red Saturday sale what is great 😉

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