Noise Engineering Goes AAX With Three Unique Plugins, VST/AU Coming Soon

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We welcome the amazing Noise Engineering Basimilus Iteritas, Cursus Vereor, and Desmodus Eurorack modules as AAX plugin ports, later also as VST and AU. 

The LA-based Noise Engineering was only known to modular musicians until recently. This change on January 14th with the official collaboration with Arturia on the MicroFreak firmware 3.0 update. The development team, led by Kris Kaiser, provided three very unique, harmonic-rich oscillator models for the MicroFreak.

What few knew. Noise Engineering also offers some rack extensions for the Reason DAW. Now they are entering the highly competitive plugin market with three plugins in AAX format. VST / AU formats are to follow later promises NE on their website.

Noise Engineering AAX Plugins

Basimius Iteritas, Cursus Vereor & Desmodus

Two synthesizers and a reverb plugin are included in the release. They all share a very minimal but intuitive interface design. The engines all come from already available Eurorack modules, which have now been ported into the plugin format.

Basimilus Iteritas is an additive/FM drum Synthesizer plugin perfect for deep noisy, experimental drum and percussive sounds. Its core is based on different tone modes each with wave folding, morphing, harmonic distortion… Plus, you have a simple AD envelope and a randomizer onboard with which you can create instantly new sounds. The plugin ships with 1000 presets which is a massive pool of ready-to-use sounds.

Cursus Vereor is a unique polyphonic wavetable Synthesizer plugin that is capable to dynamically generate wavetables. From here, you can travel through them, folds them, shape, and more. Then, it has a filter section with lowpass/bandpass/highpass including the ability to blend it. The filter is resonant, too, and past 75% the resonance modulates the filter cutoff creating some awesome distorted and squelchy sounds. Plus, you have a straightforward ADSR envelope with an adjustable curve.

Desmodus is a reverb effect plugin that uses a synthesis-based engine that can generate a variety of unique reverb textures. From clean, bizarre, distorted up to infinite space. It does not attempt to imitate a known vintage device. It is unique and not comparable to other devices on the market.

Kris Kaiser and its team bring new life to the synth and effects plugin market with refreshing, different ideas. They won’t win the plugin beauty competition but are definitely innovative sound generators like no other.

Noise Engineering AAX plugins are $49 USD each or $119 for the bundle. VST/AU versions are in the pipeline and are coming soon.

More information here: NE

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