ValhallaVintageVerb v3.0.0, free update explores big rich “Palace” room reverbs

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ValhallaDSP has updated ValhallaVintageVerb to v3.0.0 with the new Palace algorithm adding big, rich room reverbs to the plugin.

Music producers love reverbs. Every musician has at least one in their setup, in software or hardware form. ValhallaDSP is particularly popular here. A Boutique plugin developer that not only scores with its high-end algorithm quality but also with its very welcome zero-marketing stimulated price policy and constant plugin support.

With update v3.0.0, ValhallaDSP celebrates the tenth anniversary of its ValhallaVintageVerb plugin. Happy Birthday. The support that has gone into the plugin so far is exceptional. Thanks, Sean Costello.

ValhallaVintageVerb v3.0.0

ValhallaVintageVerb v3.0.0

ValhallaVintageVerb v3.0.0 is another impressive free update that increases the algorithm count to 20. The new algorithm is called Palace and focuses on big, fancy room timbres. Sean Costello promises that the new Palace mode can sound more realistic than the other room and chamber algos in VintageVerb, while retaining “vintage digital” characteristics.

Palace is “loosely” inspired by a digital “room simulator” hardware reverb from the 1980s. But it’s not a simple emulation. ValhallaDSP built an original reverb out of it by giving it more possibilities. Including higher echo density and lush modulations.

It has various parameters, including dampening, shaping, diffusion with early and late reflections, modulation, and EQ sections.

From small studios and chambers to concert halls, all the way up to cathedrals and the grandest memorial architecture, Palace in VVV 3.0 can generate a wide range of different big room reverb colors.

Not to forget is that the new ValhallaVintageVerb includes an AAX Apple Silicon native build that is compatible with Pro Tools running natively on the M1 and M2.

Once again, all the best ValhallaVintageVerb. Another great update for one of the best-sounding reverbs on the market. What Sean Costello has made of the plugin over the past 10 years is exceptional. Thanks!

The new ValhallaVintageVerb v3.0.0 is available now as a free update for existing customers. The plugin is out now for $50 USD.

More information here: ValhallaDSP 

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  1. Sean Costello is an absolute legend.
    I don’t use my DAW that much, as I prefer something like the MPC One or similar hardware, but when I do Valhalla DSP plugins are always my go to ones.
    Thank you for yet another great update.

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