midiphy MatriX, Mechanical Grid Controller For The SEQ v4 Sequencer & LoopA Looper

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The MatriX is a beautiful mechanical grid controller for the powerful midiphy SEQ v4 sequencer and LoopA looper that expands the programming workflow of both products massively. 

Midiphy from Germany is currently building the most stylish and feature-rich MIDI products. The SEQ v4+(Midibox) is a powerful MIDI sequencer with up to 256 steps per track and the LoopA, a super versatile MIDI looper recently reviewed by Loopop. The devices stand out because of their very striking design with LED backed mechanical keys, bright screens, and super-intuitive user interfaces.

If that’s not enough tactile feedback, midiphy now has a new interface under development that upgrades both MIDI products again

midiphy MatriX

midiphy MatriX

MatriX is a beautiful mechanical grid controller designed to be an extension user interface to either the midiphy SEQ v4+ or LoopA. Peter Knoblach of midiphy says it’s basically a graphical step editor where you can edit them. It features a 16-step 303 sequence (16 horizontal keys) with 12 notes, octave up/down, slide/accent, and (16 vertical keys) on a single screen by just typing it in.

It supports “force-to-scale”, so the graphically entered sequence will be in scale.


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First Impression

At first glance a very elegant interface for both MIDI products. Looking forward to hearing more about it.

midiphy MatriX will be available as a DIY kit. This includes all the essential parts for 1249,99€ and you’ll need to source all other components. As the device is just an interface, you need a midiphy SEQv4+ or LoopA.

More information here: midiphy 

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