Arcade 2, Output expands its ever-growing playable sound collection with note kits & more

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Output expands its ever-growing, playable online sound collection Arcade in version 2.0 with note kits instruments, AI kit generator, and more. 

Arcade is a subscription service that is based around a multi-layer virtual instrument that gets constantly new ready-to-play content. Nice, the content is directly available in the plugin. You don’t have to download anything from your browser or so. Everything done so that you are not distracted. So musicians get almost weekly new sounds delivered to their DAW. Like an online sound box in the DAW.

They use nicely curated loops that can be fully adjusted and edited right in the plugin. Alternatively, you can load the engine with your own samples and benefit from the same creative features. With Arcade 2.0, the journey continues with some new neat additions.

Output Arcade 2

Output Arcade 2

The new 2.0 version adds many inspiring sounds but also creative features to the engine. Starting with Note Kits which are a new series of instruments that are made for playing melodies and chords. Also, these give you full control over the sounds with different easy parameters including morphing and more. A complete subtractive synth engine is hidden under each instrument. You’ll find 3 sample layers with sample control, filters, envelopes, and effect routing.

In addition, the launch includes the full rollout of Kit Generator, an AI-powered preset generator for personal samples. Users can drag and drop any audio into Arcade to automatically generate a custom Kit. They consist of the original sound, are locked to tempo, and comes with numerous manipulated variations.

Output Arcade 2 note editor

GUI Update

One of the key selling points of Arcade are the colorful, well-designed interfaces that are suitable for both beginners and experienced music producers. With just a few clicks, anyone can play inspiring sounds and turn them in a new direction. Here, too, the whole thing has been raised in version 2.0 to a new usability level. It comes with a re-designed sampler kit keyboard/ tweak page with better visual feedback and for easier navigation.

Output stays with its concept in Arcade 2.0. This is very good because it is very coherent and well throughout. I like the idea that it’s not just another ultimate pack of loops and samples. They are part of a very versatile sampler plugin with a built-in online browser, layering, slicing, and more. And now with the note kits, the whole thing is even more solid because they go beyond the rhythmic loops as a sound source.

Output Arcade 2 is a monthly ($10) or annual subscription service. It’s a free update to current users and runs as a VST, VST3, AU, and AAX plugin for macOS and Windows. You can try A2 for free for 30 days. A downer, you need to write down the credit card details, so don’t forget to cancel it.

More information here: Output 

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  1. hi tom,
    i am with you, beware of the subscriptions, they can kill you!
    i asked a friend who told me about arcade, do you think you will use it in 5 years, he said absolutely, they develop it further.then i told him that it will cost him 600$ in that period… he did not do the math, the same guy would normally not buy a vst which has lifetime updates for 199$, the subs see only the 10$ figure and not the 600$ etc. a friend who is a social worker says subscriptions kill people,because they only see 10$,9.99$…. and make all these contracts which break their neck summed up. i never understand why i should pay 600$ i will never own for life.if you are rich and money does not count, alright but….?

    • I’m not a subscription fan at all, but they have their place in the market. A fixed license plugin gets also updates and often the developer ask you to buy version 2 to get new features. The updates are not always free, it depends on the manufacturer. For me, these subs are especially interesting for studio producers who don’t have time to twist knobs for hours. They need ready-to-use sounds to finish their tracks. It’s a full-time job for them. If they have a studio, they can also deduct it as an expense from the taxes. So for pro studio, subs are financially very interesting. $10 is not that much especially if you compare all the people who have subscriptions to an iPhone subscription ($50+) which they really don’t need in my opinion. With subs like Output, you can always cancel it if you see you don’t need it or it doesn’t fit in your sound.

      I have my problems with subs but see the potential of them. And when they are updated like Roland Cloud or Output, they are not bad at all as you get weekly or monthly new content.

  2. everybody is free to do with their money what they experience is, that many musicians are not having to much cash all the time.if you buy a plugin from say uhe for example, you get a great product, and you can for sure use it in a year etc. a subscription is like having a horse, it cost you a lot even if you do not ride it at all.if you do not feed money into it it dies like in a subscription.
    what my point was, it is not the right viewpoint to say oh you get the arcade plugin for just 10$! if you want to use it for 10 years it is 1.200$ my uhe plugin from 10 years ago is still working. 🙂 i understand that devs like uhe must also generate income to exist, in my case i support their system by buying another plugin from them, even if i do not need all of them.

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