Paratek Космический шум, Cosmic Noise Journey Through The Jupiter Storm

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Paratek Космический шум is a Jupiter Storm inspired experimental VCO for Eurorack that takes you on a deep, harmonic-rich cosmic noise journey.

Often the products that are simply different and special give us sound designers the greatest pleasure. One of the reasons I put a lot of my focus on small developers who need more attention. One of these is Paratek from Russia, probably one of the unknown Eurorack manufacturers out there. The modules are in Russian and many of them have an experimental approach. That’s nice.

Paratek’s latest module is called Космический шум, translated cosmic noise, which the name alone stimulates the sound fantasies of many. The module takes inspiration from the experimental VCO Jupiter Storm from Hexinverter. Here two times. expanded with new neat features, and built into a very lovely designed module.

Paratek Космический шум

Paratek Космический шум

Космический шум relies on two separate “Jupiter Storm” like units in a compact 12-HP skiff friendly module. As a reminder: the original Jupiter Storm uses a square wave noise core with three VCOs that create everything from pitched ring-modulated textures to dirty, broken radio tones. Perfect tool kit for unique, harmonic-rich noise soundscapes. All of this is available here twice and drilled out with new features. The timbral part is as close as possible to the original but has minor differences in sound say the developer.

The module has 14 separated sound outputs based on 6 square core oscillators. There 6 direct square oscillator outputs with individual and overall pitch control, 8 others have an extra modulation source and optional feedback. There is no v/octave tracking here, it’s all about noise, drones, etc. Then, it also has an automation function of all toggle switches via an incoming gate signal. How this works in practice is not known.

Further, they also infused a new singularity mode in the core that catapults the module into other spherical noise worlds. It allows you to modulate the right unit with the left with which you can unfold extremely, complex, and harmonic-rich timbres.

The module is definitely crazy. Too experimental for many, for noise and drone musicians a lovely addition to their modular noise laboratory.

Paratek Космический шум is available now for 213,31€ + fees (shipping, VAT…) in a black or silver faceplate version.

More information here: Paratek

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