PAPU, SocaLabs’ Free GameBoy 8-Bit Synth Plugin Is Now An AUv3 App For iOS

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PAPU, initially released in 2017 is a free 8-bit chiptune Synthesizer plugin by Soca Labs and now available as a free AUv3 app for iPad.

In 2017 I reported about two funny free Synthesizer plugins from SocaLabs. One emulates the sound engine of the Commodore64 and the other that of the iconic Nintendo GameBoy.

The latter, i.e. PAPU, is now available as a free AUv3 Ssynthesizer for iOS

Soca Labs PAPU AUv3

SocaLabs PAPU

SocaLabs PAPU is an 8-bit chiptune Synthesizer that emulates the hardware sound engine of the Nintendo Gameboy. It has 8 voices of polyphony, offers two square wave channels, sweeps on the first square wave channel as well as a noise generator. Each channel has two switches that let you activate the l & r channels individually. Operation in mono or stereo, it’s your choice. A nice addition is the waveform display on the right side that gives you a representation of the actual waveform.

Soca Labs PAPU

As I said before, the app is also available as a free plugin for PC (VST 32-/64-bit) Mac (VST/AU 32-/64-bit), and Linux. Further, the code of the synth is open-source so you are able to modify it and create a bigger app out of it.

It’s not a revolutionary new iOS synthesizer app, but hey, it a free AUv3 Synthesizer for iPad. One more sound generator for your arsenal and all this free of charge.

More information here: → iOS App   → Plugin

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