Airwindows MatrixVerb, Free Reverb Plugin Based On Householder Algorithms

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Airwindows MatrixVerb is a new free “Swiss Army Knife” reverb plugin (VST/AU) for PC, Mac & Linux that is able to generate plate / spring-like but also infinite reverbs

When it comes to very helpful, free plugins, Airwindows is a must. Chris currently has over 200 plugins on his website. Each is available as a free download with no strings attached, no registrations, no newsletter subscription. Each plugin is very limited in its functions, and very focused on a few tasks. This minimalism is also reflected in the GUI.

No fancy graphics, no resizable UI… The plugins are loaded with a white UI in Logic Pro, in Ableton Live there is no UI at all. The parameters are located in the racks. Very simple but sufficient to use the plugin. No bling bling at all. Chris aka Airwindows today added a lovely reverb plugin to the bundle. MatrixVerb is a free reverb that relies on Householder reverb algorithms.

Airwindows MatrixVerb

Airwindows MatrixVerb

MatrixVerb is a wildly adjustable, strangely colorful reverb for deep and flexible spaces. As I already said it relies on Householder reverb algorithms that create infinite reverbs using several delay lines. More precisely, it uses two Householder reverbs in the place of one.

The plugin is capable of creating a wide range of different reverb timbres. From spring-like tonality, plate up to infinite atmospheric. At first look, it’s very versatile, easy to use, and sounds nice. Definitely worth a try especially because it doesn’t hurt your wallet. It’s a free plugin.

Airwindows MatrixVerb and all other 200+ plugins are available now as a free download in VST and AU formats for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Please consist supporting Chris on Patreon.

More information: Airwindows

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