Toybox Nano Pack Features 500 CPU-Friendly Modules For Reaktor Blocks

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ToyBox Nano Pack contains 500 high-quality modules for the Reaktor Blocks environment that cover almost everything in terms of synthesis, filters, effects, and utilities. 

VCV Rack, Voltage Modular or Native Instruments Reaktor 6. All of them have advantages and disadvantages. However, they have things in common: they are all inspired by the Eurorack concept and give musicians & sound designers endless possibilities. Well, Reaktor 6 can do a lot more crazy sound s..t than the first two.

The oldest software of the three is certainly Reaktor, which is already in the sixth version and is currently 50% OFF. This can score especially because it is not only a modular synth but also a modular kit. So a kind of Lego for synthesis. If you don’t have the patience or experience to assemble your own modules (blocks) or synthesizers, you can use the huge Reaktor User Library (4000+ free add-ons) or buy them from commercial developers such as Toybox.

Toybox Nano Pack

They have today released a massive extension for the Blocks environment with 500 new blocks aka modules for Reaktor & Reaktor Player. Nano Pack features 500 small, CPU-friendly blocks that give users even more flexibility. Yes, 500 modules are an extremely large number that I cannot write about in detail. The pack includes, for example, 34 high-quality low-aliasing oscillator blocks that cover all best-known synthesis types.

You can choose between analog modeling, wavetable, additive, modal synthesis, physical modeling, phase distortion, and more. On top, you have sampler blocks that give you granular and format processing, drum kits… Definitely a lot. Then, there are many filters and effects and the emphasis is on many.

  • 26 filter block utilising ultra high quality ZDF algorithms, including equalisers, comb filters, morphing filters, vintage modelled filters (ladder, sallen-Key, OTA, diode).
  • 76 hq effects blocks including blocks for saturation, wave-folding, dynamics, spectral effects, vintage and modern reverbs, grain cloud, convolution, and more.

Toybox Nano Pack

Sequencers, Utilities…

A good module collection should include a sequencer and utilities. It’s no different in the virtual world and the NanoPack has everything you need. From sequencer blocks, over 300 utility blocks (in/outputs, MIDI, OSC, clocks…), as well as math functions. You are covered. If the 500 modules are not enough for you, you customize each module. This means you can completely modify and develop new blocks from it. This requires the full version of Reaktor 6.

Further, every block has a powerful but clever built-in snapshot system. Snapshots can be morphed and selected from an input port, or selected and edited globally by using MIDI and OSC. On top, they ship the package with a set of blocks that are compatible with the Tidal Cycles live coding environment. That’s not all.

Nano Pack CE

Community Edition

The community edition features a selection of free blocks (modules) from the full Nano Pack includes different oscillators, effects, filters, modulations, sequencers, and more.

At first glance, a huge package that Toybox offers a reactor user here. What I still have to highlight here is that all modules can also be used in the free Reaktor 6 player. That’s a big plus.

Toybox Nano Pack is available now for an introductory price of $45 USD (regular $64).

More information here: Toybox 

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