Dark Star 2 Is A Stunning Free Semi-Granular Reverb For Reaktor 5 & 6

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With Reaktor, Native Instruments has developed one of the strongest software modular Synthesizer of recent years for PC and Mac. This become especially so well-known and powerful, because a large community behind the project stands. Almost every day new ensembles (expansions) will be released free of charge by musicians or developers. Synthesizers, drum machines, drone generators, FX processors, new modules for the Blocks system and more. If yo look a little deeper in the release from the past years, you will find real sound design pearls.

Dark Star 2  Granular Reverb

One of these excellent ensembles is the Dark Star 2 by Bryan Lake, a semi-granular reverb processor for Reaktor 5 and 6 from late 2014. It consists of six different building blocks:

  • early reflections
  • late reflections
  • signal gate
  • early damping
  • stereo grain delay
  • spin
  • filter

How Does It Sound?

Dark Star 2 is not a normal delay or reverb effect processor but it combines clever both worlds. With the help of granular synthesis, many different effects are possible. Beautiful shimmer reverb-like sounds can be produced which fites perfectly for textures. Also, tremolo-like sounds or more classical reverbs are possible.

This unique effect processor for Reaktor 5 & 6 is in my opinion a perfect sound design tool for ambient and cinematic music.

Sound Demo

In this short sound demo, I use the Chromaphone 2 Synthesizer by AAS in combination with the Dark Star 2 effect processor.

Dark Star 2 by Bryan Lake is available for free in the Reaktor 6 User Library. It requires Reaktor 5 or 6 (full version).

More information here: Dark Star 2 

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