Elektron Octatrack OS 1.40 Adds New Creative Features To The Mk1 & Mk2 Versions

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Elektron Octatrack Mk1 & Mk2 samplers just got a software makeover with firmware OS 1.40 for its 10th birthday including many new features. 

Where there is a new electron, an update is not far away. Yesterday the Swedish company started the Octratrack birthday bash with a new black limited edition. Today there is something for all Octatrack users. The new Octatrack OS 1.40 update brings many new features to the table.

Including parameter randomization, tempo per pattern, MIDI trig modes, parameter locking multiple trigs simultaneously, trig preview, additional performance improvements, and much more. Depending on whether you have an MK1 or Mk2, the scope of the update is different. The exclusive features for the MkII are marked in the list. A nice surprise for Octatrack users in my opinion. Above all, this update also significantly upgrades older Mk1 versions. Big thanks Elektron.

Elektron Octatrack OS 1.4

Elektron Octatrack OS 1.4 New Features

  • [MKII] Implemented a brightness setting for the LEDs and OLED screen. The option is located in the PERSONALIZE menu.
  • Preview a sequencer step (including its parameter locks) in grid recording mode.
  • Increased the length of the time-out countdown when selecting bank or pattern.
  • Adjusted a number of bank/pattern select behaviors to improve usability and harmonize this functionality across the Elektron product line. Added the possibility to display all the parameter values on a track parameter page. Press and hold a [TRACK PARAMETER] key to view the parameter values.
  • Additional SBNK parameter for to the NOTE SETUP (SRC) page on the MIDI tracks to make it possible to send LSB Bank Select messages.
  • Support for pattern-specific tempo.
  • Functionality to randomize and reload TRACK PARAMETER page parameters.
  • Support for triggering trig modes on audio tracks via MIDI. To enable this, set AUDIO NOTE IN in MIDI CONTROL to either FOLLOW TM or MAP/TRACK.
  • For tracks configured to play slices or slots when receiving MIDI note data, holding a trig in GRID RECORDING mode while receiving a MIDI note now locks the same slice/slot that is played to the held trig.
  • Applying various trig actions to multiple trigs simultaneously. This includes changes to parameter locks, sample locks, microtiming, copying/pasting/clearing trigs, and converting multiple trigs to trigless trigs or trigless locks.
  • New option to select if note length should be recorded or not while inputting notes in the MIDI sequencer.
  • [MKII]
    • the sequencer stops, a white LED lights ups.
    • The <PROJ>, <PART >,<AED>,<MIX>, and<ARR> LEDs are now lit up in white when active.
    • SRC3 in RECORDING SETUP 1 is now set to MAIN as default.
  • Plus bug fixes

Elektron Octatrack OS 1.40 is available now as a free download for MK1 and Mk2 users.

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  1. a 10 year old product and still on v1.40? I can understand dumb synths staying at lower versions forever but this thing is a computer on a fancy expensive metal box. Every Elektron post on IG is people bitchin and moaning about bugs and long coming features that never materialize while Elektron is too busy trying to sell overpriced stuff that is never in stock or paper launches. Elektron will only move their arse when Behringer starts cloning their stuff.

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