Polyend Preset, Now Open-Source & First Firmware Adds Euclidean Sequencing

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Polyend Preset, the module that brought us recallable CV values to Eurorack is now open-source and the first alternative firmware adds euclidean sequencing.  

Polyend is not only giving its tracker a new big firmware. The Preset module also just got an update and one that puts it in a new direction. It’s now open-source. The step is very good, especially when you consider that the module is not as popular as you might think. Depending on which alternative firmware will come onto the market for it in the future, it can quickly become an absolute hit.

The first alternative firmware adds euclidean sequencing to the module. This opens up new ways of sequencing with the preset module.

Polyend Preset

Polyend Preset

Polyend Preset as its name suggests leads to what is actually a taboo topic in modular synthesis, Presets. Even if they are unpopular, the module creatively implements the idea of presets in modular. The developers described it as a new layer of replicability for your modular system. Preset offers users 32 banks of 32 presets in which you can store parameter values. For example, you can record cutoff automation for an entire sequence. This makes a note sequence much livelier and more varied than using classic modulations.

Of course, these automations are fully recallable and it allows you to sequence through these presets. Since you can now use the sequencing functionality with the euclidean method, the whole thing gets even better and powerful.

Here is a demo of the new euclidean sequencing functionality.

Polyend Preset is available now for 389€ worldwide.

More information here: Polyend 

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