Circlefade CFM2, A Beginner-Friendly Macro Oscillator Based Semi-Modular Synthesizer Announced

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Circlefade CFM2 is a beginner-friendly semi-modular Synthesizer inspired by best-known modules (Plaits, Erica Synths Wavetable) with built-in effects and a sequencer

Touch-screen sequencer for the Eurorack format or modules for the VCV Rack Synthesizer, the young French company Circlefade plays in many areas. The next project is called CFM2 and is a new easy-to-use semi-modular Synthesizer that uses digital synthesis.

The following feature are the first sketches of what the Synthesizer should contain. The developers want to hear from the synth communities what ideas they still have or what else can be added.

Circlefade CFM2

Sound Engine

CFM2 will feature a macro oscillator that is inspired by the Mutable Instruments Plaints and Erica Synths Graphic VCO. The user can select sounds from 8 different banks and change their frequency and harmonics. Perfect to create basic sine and triangle waves, as well as more complex sounds like acid basslines or ambient pads.

Further, it offers an ADSR envelope, random generator, and two LFO’s. A single envelope is too limited in my opinion. A second one would be helpful, even if it’s just maybe an AD envelope. These functions will have CV outputs with which you can modulate other parameters. The synth will also feature a filter section as well as a reverb. Analog or digital filter, no information so far.


Playable is CFM2 with a built-in sequencer with a very nice knob and button interface. It looks like an interface for a drum machine. It also features a USB MIDI port and DIN and SYNCones ports which allows you to use other keyboards with it. You can use it also with your Eurorack system due to the full compatibility with other modules. Of course, you can use also as a classic standalone synth.

Currently, there are no sound examples because the synthesizer is right now full development. If you have ideas and feedback don’t hesitate to contact the developer directly on their Facebook or via their website.

Circlefade CFM2 will be available in the future for a targ price of around 350€. Official price and release TBA.

More information here: Circlefade

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