SSF Entity Ultra-Kick, dual core percussion Synthesizer module for Eurorack

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SSF Entity Ultra-Kick is a new percussion synth voice for Eurorack featuring two sonic versatile resonator cores that keep every kick connoisseur busy for a long time.

Creating drum sounds in Eurorack was the big topic at Superbooth 21. Numerous companies presented new modules, including Patching Panda, Winter Plankton and more. The trend is understandable. With modular synthesis you can craft your own sound from scratch using your favorite sound generators, filters, etc. Many now want to build their own drum sounds on this level of flexibility.

Interest hasn’t died down since SB21. Now Steady State Fate jumps on the wave of new modules also with a brand-new percussion module.

SSF Entity Ultra-Kick

SSF Entity Ultra-Kick

Entity Ultra Kick (14HP) is a new percussion module that is born from the Entity Bass Drum but with more flexibility, intuitive controls, and a sonic versatility. It contains a dual-core resonator design where the first features the fundamental pitch while the second serves for character shaping through filtering and resonances.

The first resonator features controls over the frequency (range 8 to 80Hz), a V/Oct input and a pitch envelope. The idea is to pinging the first core with a trigger that produces unique kicks, complex transients. This signal then serves as an excitation signal for the second resonator. In the step, it can be shaped using the character control. This section is primarily useful for filtering, transient shaping, unison effects, and more. Both cores have even more to offer.

There are three extra shaping controls: resonate, ripple, and punch giving you another level of sound shaping. Starting with resonate that kicks the signal of the first resonator into self-oscillation. Great for sustained 808-bass sounds. Ripple introduces frequency modulation between the first and second resonator, opening the door to more wild, complex timbres. Punch, on the other side, is a soft-clipping and saturation circuit placed between the two resonator cores. It changes the exciter behavior of the first resonator and lets you infuse a more dirty, character to your sound.

Finally, you have a dynamics section that consists of an auto feed-forward compressor with a dry-wet blend control and a clever bass drive that emphasizes the low-end of your kicks. On top, there is an output gain control that feeds into a limiter for gluey, mastering-like sounds. E-UK gives you voltage control over the decay, character, resonate, punch, bass drive, and gain. An external sidechain input is also onboard.

DivKid has released a great in-depth overview/review of the Entity Ultra-Kick module.


At first glance a kick voice that offers a lot. It not only masters classic kicks (808-style…) but also timbres that go into the experimental, weird area. A module made for kick sound connoisseurs.

SSF (Steady State Fate) Entity Ultra-Kick is available soon for $349 USD/384€. Schneidersladen and Perfect Circuit have opened the pre-orders.

More information here: Steady State Fate

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