TAQSIM Solo, A New Synthesizer Plugin For Modern World Music

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TAQSIM Solo is a new easy-to-use multi-layer Synthesizer plugin specially designed for modern world music including an oriental-style scale converter

For a change no Black Friday/Cyber Monday deal but something new. TAQSIM has recently released Solo, a new virtual instrument plugin that authentically recreates the sound of modern world music.

Solo is a kind of compact workstation in which you can find many ready-to-play sounds. The developers partner up with musicians and producers from around the globe to include a library of authentic sounds. If this is not enough, a synthesizer engine is available which enables to build sounds from scratch.

TAQS.IM Solo Synth


Solo features a synth engine with three layers. Each can be assigned either with sample content or with virtual analog oscillators. This allows you to blend classic synthetic with organic sounds. If that’s not enough, you can also import your favorite Korg, KMP, Soundfont, and SFZ-formatted samples. Every layer has a mixer knob and from this stage, all three sounds flow into a filter section. Moog, or Oberheim style -12dB or -24dB filter + a dedicated envelope let you sculpt the sound further. A filter is always very helpful to filter out unwanted frequencies or simply to alienate the sound. Then, you have a classic ADSR envelope for the loudness of the entire sound.

Modulations & Effects

There is also a modulation system with 2 LFOs and two ADSR envelopes (filter/amp) to add motion to your sounds. The LFO offers controls for type, rate, attack, depth, and depth attack to modulate the filter, osc, effects, and more. Other controllers help you to drive parameters throughout the virtual instrument. Not as feature-rich as a flagship synthesizer, but sufficient to bring some flexibility to your sounds. To refine your sounds, TAQSIM added several effect processors to Solo. It includes EQ, distortion, phaser, delay, and reverb to finalize your sounds. According to the developer, these are designed in such a way that they can also be used more intensively and aggressively.

Last but not least, you have twelve microtonal scales with a built-in oriental-style scale converter. SOLO ships with a huge library of the most popular scales used throughout the middle-east and the world. The plugin ships with over 100+ professionally designed presets.

TAQSIM is available now for an introductory price of $159 USD (regular $189 USD) until December 1st, 2020.

More information here: TAQSIM 

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