Quadrivium, 4-Oscillator Synthesizer & MIDI Controller With Orbit Modulators

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Quadrivium is a Mac-only Synthesizer & MIDI controller that uses the orbital data of 12 moons from 4 different planets to modulate the synth or any MIDI parameters. 

Giorgio Sancristoforo, media artist and sound designer was active again and developed something super unique. After his virtual Portastudio and physical modeling synth, he is now making music with the orbits. Quadrivium is a standalone macOS only Synthesizer that uses the orbital data of 12 moons of the giant gas planets of the Solar System: Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune to create music.

The core of Quadrivium is based on four VCOs (sine/triangle) that can be operated as classic oscillators or LFO. Each oscillator/LFO features additional FM, shaping, and folding functions. With this, the sound goes very much towards west-coast. The next stage is a voltage-controlled mixer where you mix the different signals together. After the mixer, it goes into the filter section, which consists of two areas. First is a classic VCF and a 12-band harmonic filterbank.


After the filterbank, the signal is routed in a ring modulator, reverb, and tape echo emulation for additional creaminess. A cool addition is the ability to process external sounds with the two stereo inputs. One big highlight is the modulation of the synth. It uses a kind of cosmic modulation where you can control the rotation speed and then feed that data into a modulation matrix to route to different parameters.


The Quadrivium in the Middle Ages was the upper division of the education in the liberal arts, which comprised arithmetic (numbers), geometry (numbers in space), music (numbers in time), and astronomy (numbers in space and time).

Orbit Controlled MIDI Controller

That’s not all. Giorgio Sancristoforo goes one step further and designed Quadrivium not just as a synth but also as a MIDI controller. You can use here the orbital data to control your hardware or software synths with MIDI. 12 moons are used here to control 12 control changes that you can assign in the software. For example, you can connect your modular synth with a MIDI interface and create super unique modulations.

At first glance, another super exciting Synthesizer + controller from Giorgio. He stays true to his line and brings us another unique music software.

Quadrivium by Giorgio Sancristoforo is a standalone Mac-only application and is available now for 14.99€. A free demo is on the website.

More information here: Giorgio Sancristoforo 

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