Percussa’s Latest SSP Update Turns The Module Into A DC Coupled Multichannel USB Audio Interface

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Percussa informed me today that a big update for the SSP (Super Signal Processor) has been released. The new update transforms the SSP in a DC-coupled multi-channel USB audio/cv/trigger gate interface, with 16 physical inputs and 8 physical outputs.

With this update, the SSP is not only a wavetable, granular, sampler oscillator or effect processor but also a full-featured DC-coupled USB audio interface. The question that arises now: what can not the SSP do? Make coffee for longer modular nights!

Percussa SSP

New In Percussa SSP Update 23072019

  • ability to stream audio, CV, trigger, gate and other signals via class-compliant USB audio, to and from the SSP, using the following channel combinations and sample rate: 24 channels at 48k, 16 channels at 96k and 8 channels at 192k. This basically allows the SSP to function as a multi-channel USB audio/cv/trigger/gate interface, with 16 physical inputs and 8 physical outputs, DC coupled.
  • simplified input module supporting up to 24 channels
  • updated output module and extended to have 24 inputs
  • updated recorder to support USB channels:
    • The multichannel recorder has been updated so it can record the summed channels the input module gives you access to. It still records 16 inputs and/or 8 outputs on the SSP, and depending on the sample rate and whether a computer is connected, those input channels might be summed with 8 or more USB channels. This allows you to sample audio directly coming into the SSP via the USB cable from your DAW or soft synths while also still sampling physical input jack signals, simultaneously as a multichannel WAV file.
  • demo presets

Percussa SSP is available now for $2000 USD. The update 23072019 is free of charge.

More information here: Percussa

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