LiquidSonics Reverberate 3 Plugin, Lab For Your Own Advanced Convolution Reverbs

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LiquidSonics Reverberate 3 plugin takes convolution reverbs to the next level. Take your existing IRs, chop, remix & modulate them into new unique reverbs.

Convolution reverbs are flexible, as they are often delivered with hundreds of impulse responses recorded from iconic hardware devices. But they are also limited because they often offer less scope in sound shaping. However, there has been a new little trend for some time. Convolution-based reverb plugins are becoming much more performant and complex. One of these was updated today.

LiquidSonics has today released Reverberate 3, a new version of its modulated true-stereo convolution reverb plugin for PC & Mac. The core of the plugin relies on Fusion-IR, LiquidSonic’s own proprietary modulated capture, and playback technology format. More precisely, it divides impulses responses into several components and lets you mix and combine IRs in new ways. For example, you can mix the early reflections from a legendary hardware reverb with a reverb tail of another effect.

LiquidSonics Reverberate 3

According to the developer, it allows you to bring your captures even closer to the sound of the original hardware device. That sounds tempting. This is possible thanks to the wealth of new editing and modulation tools. With this, you can remix and bring new life to any third party stereo and true stereo impulse responses.

Further, it includes many other deeper engine improvements. One of them is the ability to modulate the simulated crossfed channels that makes more motion-infused sounds possible. On the surface, Reverberate’s interface gets to shine in a new light and is also scalable in size.


  • Deeper Fusion-IR Editing: New in Reverberate 3 is the ability to independently adjust the late reverb pre-delay without disrupting the integrity of the sampled reflections.
  • Enhanced True Stereo Simulation: Now in Reverberate 3 you can modulate the simulated crossfeed channels bringing them to life in way you may have never thought possible without impacting the essential structure and onset characteristics of the sampled reverb.
  • Extended Split Modulation: Reverberate 3 features pitching and non-pitching delay and time modulation features so you can apply dramatic or natural modulations to any static impulse response.
  • Completely redesigned interface: Improved hierarchical design, supports high DPI, and is now resizable.
  • New factory presets: Two extra free Fusion-IR sample packs available for download (FS-24x and FS-48)
  • More comprehensive parameter locking throughout the interface.
  • VST3 now supported.
  • Licensing now via iLok USB, Cloud, and local host (including two activations per license).

In summary, one can say that LiquidSonics set the benchmark for CR very high with the release. It’s like a lab where you can mix & design your own reverbs.

LiquidSonics Reverberate 3 is available now in VST, VST3, AU & AAX plugin formats for $99 USD. Owners of Reverberate Core, R1, or R2 get an R3 50% discount offer available at any time. Customers with an R2 license (on/after June 1st, 2020) get a free upgrade to R3 via an emailed voucher to the original email address. This offer expires on October 31st, 2020.

More information here: LiquidSonics

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