Puremagnetik Darklands, New FM Synthesizer For Dystopian Soundscapes

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Puremagnetik shows with Darklands, a unique easy-to-use FM Synthesizer with which you can create bizarre, dystopian sounds from the underworld.

New month, new Puremagnetik plugin. Every month the software company enriches us with an extraordinary release. Darklands is a new Synthesizer plugin that creates dystopian soundscapes. Its engine is specially optimized for dark, unreal worlds. The core consists of three operators who work together using a different approach to FM synthesis. It’s doesn’t work as an ordinary FM Synthesizer, that’s for sure.

For example, it doesn’t offer operator algorithms that are known from typical Yamaha-style synthesizers. Everything is so cleverly simplified here that you can achieve a lot even with the limited parameters. The dystopian sound character unfolds through a mixture of FM synthesis and unique additional functions. This includes random generators that create mystical vibrations.

Puremagnetik Darklands

“It is part FM Synthesizer, part ambiance processor and capable of creating anything from chromatic percussion to intense atonal synth-scapes”.

Puremagnetik Darklands

Darklands is certainly not a classic FM synthesizer for your classic DX7 e-piano sounds. Whoever downloads this virtual instrument gets a bizarre-sounding plugin. This is mainly due to the three operator FM engine that uses a wealth of different modulations. The Orbit parameter beautifully shows how different the plugin is. First, it controls the carrier index radio for the 2nd and 3rd operators. But unlike a conventional FM synth, this can be variably modified. Then, you can also select a waveform and regulate the frequency modulation of it.

The BPM-synchronized Ladder lowpass filter also generates unusual modulations that range from rhythmic pulsations up to AM-typical effects. Further, the engine also includes a four-pole lowpass filter, a sub-oscillator for the body, and an effect section with space & stereo imaging for the room. Finally, you can shape the sound with an AR envelope.

Darklands is available now as part of Puremagnetik ‘s Spark subscription for $9 USD per month. The plugin is running in VST & AU format on Windows & Mac. After one month it will become back-cataloged for a la carte purchase at $20 USD.

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