Moog Claravox Centennial, A Theremin That Connects The Past, Present & Future

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Moog celebrates the 100th birthday of the Theremin with a new generation called Claravox Centennial that melts classic analog and digital technologies into one new inspiring instrument.

In 1920, the Russian physicist Leon Theremin invented the first theremin. 100 years later, the instrument continues to delight audiences around the world. Movements of the hands in the air create “magically” the sounds. This requires a lot of talent and is still the most challenging electronic instrument out there, in my opinion. I have absolute respect for everyone who masters the Theremin. I’m happy when I get some bleep & blops sounds out of it.

Moog is now celebrating the 100-year anniversary of Leon Theremin’s legendary invention with a new instrument. It bears the name Claravox Centennial and is named after the Theremin virtuosa Clara Rockmore.

Moog Claravox Centennial

Moog Claravox Centennial

According to Moog, the Claravox Centennial is the most versatile Moog Theremin in history. It melts vintage analog and future-proved technologies together into a new modern instrument. It comes with switchable traditional and modern performance modes. Select between classic heterodyne analog oscillators and multimode DSP oscillators (sine, triangle, saw, wavetable) with assignable scales, quantization, and octave ranges.

For additional character, Moog infuses in the newly designed architecture an analog wave-shaper circuit that is derived from the legendary Etherwave Pro. An onboard analog BBD delay lets you add magical echos and lovely warmth to your sounds.

Moog Claravox Centennial

An instrument designed with exceptional playability to satisfy the most skillful thereminist, Claravox Centennial invites access to multiple levels of calibration and control settings to create a custom fit between this unique instrument and each unique player.

Connectivity: Classic Meets Modern

The new Moog Claravox Centennial is not just a standalone live performance instrument but it integrates perfectly into any DAW, modular, or any other setup via DIN MIDI, USB, and CV ins/outs. Consequently, you can also use it as a highly expressive controller for other sound sources. Front-panel preset storage, pitch quantization, and scale selections to help educate newer players. Further, it has a dedicated software editor to further expand the instrument’s control and sonic capabilities.

It is made of robust and noble fine-grain walnut hardwood cabinet, cloth-bound controls panels, and brass antennas. Definitely no compromises on the quality of the material.

For the release, Moog released two beautiful curated video performances. One classic with piano and one full of electronics. The second one, in particular, because it combines images from CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research) and futuristic music in a fantastic way.

Moog Claravox Centennial will be available for a limited time for $1499 USD. Pre-orders open today and shipping will begin in December.

More information here: Moog Music

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