Behringer Announces Affordable USB-MIDI To CV/Gate Eurorack Module

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USB-MIDI to CV / Gate modules are an absolute must-have for a melodic Eurorack system, Behringer will soon be able to offer one as well.

Every musician who works with a Eurorack Modular and wants to play it classically cannot avoid a USB-MIDI to CV/Gate interface module. The concept is simple: MIDI data is fed into this and it converts it into analog CV and gate signals. In addition to pitch and gate, many interfaces can also output velocity, CC messages, and more. It always depends on how much you spend on it.

Now Behringer also wants to stir up this module market with its own USB-MIDI to CV / Gate interface module. Today, they released the PCB design of this upcoming module. On this, you can see a USB-MIDI socket, classic MIDI sockets, a switch as well as 4 outputs. On the back there are jumpers with which you can set the functions of the outputs. Probably for pitch, gate, velocity, and one more function. So a very simple module that is a bit reminiscent of the Mutable Instruments Yarns or Doepfer A-190-4.

Behringer USB MIDI CV Gate

According to Behringer, they use a high-resolution 16-bit Texas Instruments converter for the control voltage conversion. As usual, the module should be very affordable and come onto the market this year. With the latter, you have to see how fast it really goes. Behringer likes to have delays in product releases.

Facebook Post

A lot of you asked us for a USB/MIDI to CV/Gate interface for our Eurorack modular system. Not only did we listen but also we designed it with a high-resolution 16-bit Texas Instruments converter so you get extremely accurate control voltages. We plan to deliver this module before end of year – of course as always at a very reasonable price. We’re excited to see our Eurorack family is grow.


If you don’t want to wait for the Behringer module or just don’t want to support them at all, there are many good alternatives that are also relatively inexpensive. For example the Doepfer A-190-4 (175 €), Erica Synths Black Midi-CV (130 €), or the Mutable Instruments Yarns (291 €). Yarns is a bit more expensive but offers a lot of functions and up to 4-voice polyphony.

It should not be forgotten that an Arturia Keystep also has a MIDI to CV/Gate converter built-in. Personally, I also like the Sixty Four Pixels CV.OCD MIDI to CV device, which at £ 115 offers a lot, is handy and cheap.

More information will follow: Behringer 

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  1. Maybe they can give us a replaceable faceplate so it’s design fits either into the System 55 or the System 100 modules.

    behringer? Are you listening?

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