Fred’s Lab Buzzzy! Now On Kickstarter: Compact 4-Part Multi-Timbral Digital Poly Synthesizer

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The developer Frédéric Meslin has already worked with Arturia on the MiniBrute 2 series, Waldorf and many others. Now he has started his own business called Fred’s Lab and today introduced his first product on Kickstarter.

Buzzzy! is a new super compact Synthesizer that offers: 16-voice of polyphonic, 4-part multi-timbral and a versatile synth engine.

Sound Engine

The core is an ARM Cortex M4 Controller and the engine is based on 4 different new designed synth algorithms: Pulse, FM, Wave, and Noise. All these give you a wide range of characteristics from virtual analog style, colder/harsh FM, chiptune-like to noisy sounds.

Fred's Lab Buzzzy!

The signal continues to flow into a second most important area of the Buzzzy! Synthesizer, the effect section. This section includes three different effects: Space (3 types of reverb), Delay (mono delay/comb filter, ping pong, chorus/flanger) and Filter (24db/oct multi-mode filter (lp/bp/hp) with internal saturation and cutoff/resonance control.

Modulation & ARP

For the modulation, there is an envelope with velocity built-in, which can act either as AD (attack, decay) or ASD (attack, sustain, decay). It comes also with a looping mode, so you can use it as an LFO. An independent LFO does not exist in the engine so far. An additional arpeggiator with 8 different modes represents the melodic section.

Since it is a 4-part multi-timbral Synthesizer, the same engine is available 4 times. But if you use the resources stronger algorithms, you will have fewer voices.

The user interface is very compact and includes only four knobs as well as seven mini buttons for editing the sounds available. Up to four multi-programs can be stored in the flash memory on the right side of the interface. On the back side, you can find a USB port for power/computer connection (firmware updates), a MIDI In jack, two 6.3 mm audio outputs (stereo) as well as a headphone output.

Fred’s Lab Buzzzy! is available now for pre-order on Kickstarter for a price 235€. For the fast decision makers, there is Early Bee version for 215€ available. The delivery of this small interesting Synthesizers starts in September.

More information here: Fred’s Lab 

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