Dreadbox Introduced The Chromatic Modules: Affordable, Colorful & Feature-Rich

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Dreadbox The Chromatic modules is a new affordable Eurorack module lineup with colorful interfaces and many features at just 10HP

Besides Erica Synths, Dreadbox has also premiered new products at the Dutch Modular Fest 2019, more precisely the successors of the White Line series called the Chromatic modules. The idea here is clear: affordable, colorful and many features at just 10HP.

All modules will cost under € 100 each and so are beautiful entry-level products that can do more than classic entry-level Eurorack modules. The release includes a new performance VCO, a filter/mixer/VCA in one module, 3-stage delay, noise-crush filter, a dual modulator, and a CV/Audio manipulator.

Dreadbox The Chromatic Modules

Hysteria Performance VCO

Hysteria is a 10HP full analog VCO with a range from 16Hz up to 32.000Hz. It offers a variable voltage-controlled waveshaper and advanced pitch control with VC quantizer. With this, the oscillator will be always in tune, clever addition. Further, it includes hard sync input and separate pulse output for use as a clock or to sync other oscillators.

Eudemonia Filter Mixer VCA

Eudemonia is described as an analog wave generator processor that offers 3 functions in one single 10HP module: a dual filter in series with 24dB resonant lowpass and 18dB non-resonant high pass, an exponential VCA with peak indicator (above 10pp) and a mixer. On top, it includes LED indicators for all controls to illustrate the current CV sum.

Nostalgia 3-Stage Delay

Nostalgia is a 10HP 3 stage hybrid delay based on the Erebus delay circuit that consisted of 3 echo circuits in series. The delay time can be controlled by CV with a range from 30ms up to 1sec. Interesting is here that it offers 2 different feedback controls for different stages. On top, it includes an LFO with rate and depth controls.

The module features outputs for stage 1 and 2 where the output level is 1/2 lower than the incoming signal. Plus, separate inputs for modular level and guitar level inputs.

Dreadbox The Chromatic Modules

Ataxia Dual Modulator

Ataxia is a 10HP dual modulator module that can operate in three different modes: rise-hold-fall function generator, delay-rise-fall-LFO or as classic ADSR envelope. Further, it offers variable curve response, a separate trigger input, and CV over time and level (velocity). Time response from 1ms/curve up to 20sec/curve.

Dystopia / Noise-Crush-Filter

Dystopia is a 10HP module that includes three characteristics: versatile noise generator, bit-crusher, and dual filter in one module. The noise generator features the following timbres: white, white to pink, white to blue, scatter, digital, pitch. The digital noise can also be used as a random gate generator. Further, it offers a bit crusher with range from 1sec up to 8kHz.

The third function is a dual filter (parallel) with 12dB lowpass and highpass characteristics. When you insert a signal to the external input, the internal noise generator will be canceled and the external signal is in process. To round up, it includes LED indicators for all controls to illustrate the current CV sum.

Utopia CV/Audio manipulator

Last but not least, Utopia is a 10HP CV & Audio manipulator that can do a lot: it can be operated as 4 attenuinverters, offset generator (+/- 10V), 4 to 3 mixer, VC LFO (30sec up to 440Hz) or as pulserizer effect. The latter will distort and convert signals into a square wave. The 4 to 3 mixer can also work as a buffered splitter.

Dreadbox The Chromatic Series

Dreadbox The Chromatic modules will be available in December for

  • Hysteria / Performance VCO: 99€
  • Eudemonia / Filter-Mixer-VCA: 89€
  • Nostalgia / 3-Stage Delay: 99€
  • Ataxia / Dual Modulator: 89€
  • Dystopia/ Noise-Crush-Filter: 89€
  • Utopia / CV-Audio Manipulator: 79€

More information here: Dreadbox 

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