Doepfer Introduced A-100 Slim Line: Synth Voice, Filter, Dual VCA, Mixer, Quad LFO & More

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Doepfer has today introduced the A-100 Slim Line Eurorack module series for Superbooth 2019. Included is a new small synth voice with 10HP, a multi-mode filter, a dual linear/exponential VCA, a four-channel mixer with additional mute switches, a quad LFO, noise/random/s&h generator, and a quad switch.

I like these little new modules, especially since they do not consume much space in the rack. The highlight for me is the A-111-6 Miniature Synth Voice for 180€, where you get a lot for little money.

Doepfer Slim Line


A-111-6 is a complete miniature monophonic Synthesizer module that has a triangle-based VCO with FM/PWM, balance unit, 24dB lowpass VCF, VCA and an envelope (A/D, ADSR, A/R)

A-118-2 generates the signals white noise, colored noise, continuous random voltage and stepped random voltage (derived from the continuous random voltage by means of an S&H/T&H unit).

A-121-3 is a voltage-controlled multi-mode filter with a cutoff slope of -12 dB/octave (identical to the filter of the Dark Energy II/III) but has been expanded by the voltage controlled resonance feature). Four simultaneous outputs are available, each with different characteristics: low-pass (LP), high-pass (HP), band-pass (BP) and notch (N).

A-130-2 is composed of two identical voltage controlled amplifiers (VCA). Each VCA has a manual gain control (also named Initial Gain) and a control voltage input with attenuator. The character of the control scale can be switched to linear or exponential. All inputs and outputs are DC coupled. Consequently, the VCAs can be used to process both audio and control voltages (e.g. for voltage control of the level of LFO or envelope signals). The signal input has no attenuator available but is capable to process up to 16Vpp signals (i.e. -8V…+8V) without distortion.

A-138i is a four channel mixer with an additional mute switch for each input. On top of that, it is equipped with two types of single outputs and dual mix output. All inputs and outputs are DC coupled. Consequently, the VCAs can be used to mix both audio and control voltages. Each input is  – apart from the mute switch – equipped with the usual attenuator.

A-138n is a simple four channel mixer, which can be used with either control voltages or audio signals. Each of the four inputs has an attenuator available. The output is twice available (two sockets, hard-wired like a multiple).

A-145-4 is a simple quad LFO (Low-Frequency Oscillator). Not a very “exciting” module, just a bread-and-butter device and a simple demon for work. Virtually in every modular system, several LFOs are required for modulation purposes. The module contains four simple LFOs with the waveforms triangle and rectangle. A dual color LED (red = positive / yellow = negative output voltage) indicates the triangle output of each LFO. The frequency range can be chosen for each LFO individually by means of a jumper between about 50 Hz … 0,04 Hz (about 20 seconds, jumper removed) and about 2Hz … 0,002 (about 8 minutes, jumper installed).

A-182-2 is a simple passive module that contains four changeover switches, which are used to connect or disconnect the sockets of the corresponding socket triplet.

Availability & Price

  • A-111-6 Miniature Synth – Summer/Fall – 180€ 
  • A-118-2 Noise/Random – May/June – 80€
  • A-121-3 Multimode VCF – May/June – 100€
  •  A-130-2 Dual lin/exp. VCA – May/June – 80€
  • A-138i Interrupting Mixer – May/June – 80€
  • A-138n Mixer – May/June – 50€
  • A-145-4 Quad LFO – May/June – 80€
  • A-182-2 Quad Switch – May/June – 60€

More information here: Doepfer 

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