Teenage Engineering Intros Pocket Operator Capcom Series: Street Fighter Sampler & Mega Man Synthesizer

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Teenage Engineering partners up with Capcom for Pocket Operator special editions PO-133 Street Fighter a mini sampler & PO-128 Mega Man 8-Bit Synthesizer

Teenage Engineering from Sweden has often mixed up the music tech market with exciting products such as the legendary OP-1 Synthesizer, screen-less OP-Z groovebox but also with the fun-making Pocket Operator series. In the meantime, there is a wide range of these small, powerful noisemakers. From synthesizers, drum machines, drum synthesizers, mini samplers, or even a complete groove box. Sometimes there are lovely special editions in collaboration with other companies.

For their latest collaboration, they have partnered up with the Japanese video game studio Capcom. The result is two beautiful special editions of well-known pocket operators. The PO-133 Street Fighter (PO-33 K.O.) and PO-128 Mega Man (PO-28).

Pocket Operator Capcom

PO-133 Street Fighter

The PO-133 Street Fighter uses the Pocket Operator PO-33 K.O engine but “hadōken”-style remixed and with new sounds. It offers a micro sampler with 40 seconds sample memory plus a built-in microphone for instant sampling. This special edition ships with 16 Street Fighter soundtracks and iconic samples from the original game. Like the PO-33 K.O, it has 8 melodic and 8 percussive tracks. Further, you have 15 push-in effects for mixing up your track on the fly.

PO-128 Mega Man

The PO-128 Mega Man Pocket Operator is based on the classic PO-28, a playful tasty 8-bit Synthesizer, and a sequencer. It has three tracks, 128 pattern chaining, parameter locks, glide control, and punch-in effects. However, the Pocket Operator Capcom special edition has a little upgrade to offer. It ships with 16 Mega Man soundtracks from the original Mega Man game.

I have to admit that these little noisemakers from Teenage Engineering have come to appreciate more with each release. They offer a lot of hands-on music-making power for little. The two releases are certainly no innovations but welcome special editions in a well-chosen collaboration. I assume that some video game lovers will see these under the Christmas tree this year.

Teenage Engineering Pocket Operator Capcom Series PO-133 Street Fighter is available now for 99€.  PO-128 Mega Man will be available in December for 99€.

More information here: Teenage Engineering 

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