UDO Audio Super 6, Binaural Hybrid Poly Synthesizer Is Now Available

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After long development days/nights, countless media presentations… etc., it’s time to go to the studios: UDO Audio Super 6 poly Synthesizer is finally available.

Many have been waiting for this: UDO’s innovative hybrid Synthesizer with a 12-voice binaural is finally available. From the first look at Superbooth 2019 to the finished product, it ultimately took a little longer than expected. This delay is gladly accepted when the synthesizer finally runs smoothly and has no teething problems, especially in the price segment in which the Super 6 is.

Super 6 is described as a 12-voice binaural analog-hybrid synth with super-wavetable technology. More precisely, it uses a state of the art FPGA digital hardware for oscillators paired with voltage-controlled analog technology (filters & amplifiers). The advantage here is that the oscillators have a very high resolution and so sound extremely lovely.

UDO Super 6


Super 6 offers two FPGA based oscillators per voice that generates its signals using a Direct Digital Synthesis (DDS). Both oscillators include traditional waveforms but the first oscillator has the ability to load 16 other waveforms from an internal bank or that you import yourself. Interesting is here: Super 6 doesn’t have 6 voices as the name suggests but 12 that runs in a true stereo audio path and uses all 12 voices to form so 6 “super” stereo voices. As heard in many demos, it’s great for big sounds with lovely stereo images effects. Also, it offers the option to turn these super voices off and to use it as a regular 12-voice synth.

The oscillators then move in a mixer and from here into the analog voice architecture with a 4 pole 24dB per octave VCF (voltage-controlled lowpass filter). A high-pass filter is also on board which can be used standalone or in combination with the lowpass as a bandpass filter. On the modulation side, it comes with two ADSR envelopes, one for modulating the filter, and a second for the analog VCA. They are not very simple envelopes: envelope 1 also has a hold stage and a loop mode that makes it far more versatile. The assembly has been interpreted very classically. The assignment of modulators to parameters has been designed in a very classic way. Since the Super 6 has no screen, these can be assigned using a modulation matrix on the front panel.

UDO Super 6

Further, it is equipped with a flexible sequencer with up to 64 steps and an arpeggiator with multiple modes. At the end of the Super 6 signal chain, there are two 24-bit effects including a sequencer syncable stereo delay and dual-mode stereo chorus. The device has 128 memory locations for sounds that can be clicked through in a very classic, analog-style way without a display. A nice addition is an external audio input on the backside that let allows you to use the filter with other signals. The same input can be used to trigger envelopes or LFOs.

The FATAR keyboard responds to aftertouch and the engine is compatible with MPE so you can use an external MPE controller with it. You can get an insight into the development and the processes in this video


  • 12-voice polyphonic analog-hybrid synthesizer
  • Fatar keyboard with velocity and aftertouch, expression and sustain
  • Binaural analog signal path for stereo movement and spatial effects
  • 7-core super-wavetable main oscillator with waveform download
  • DDS oscillator 2 with FM, sync, sub oscillator and crossfade modes
  • Flexible, hybrid FPGA & analog voice architecture
  • Robustly built with solid, playable controls
  • Multi-purpose, flexible, LFOs, envelopes & modulation matrix
  • Arpeggiator & step sequencer
  • External audio input with threshold-based envelope and LFO triggering
  • Dual stereo 24-bit digital effects
  • 128 rewritable patch storage locations
  • MPE controllable

Sound Demo

You don’t need to say much about the sound. There have already been numerous sound demos from trade fairs and artists. In a few words: juicy, fat, stereo hybrid goodness. Check out the demo of Matt Johnson (Jamiroquai) which gives you an impressive overview of the sonic capabilities of the Super 6.

UDO Audio Super 6 is available now for 2444€. According to Thomann, there are waiting times of up to 9 weeks again, so wait  and not available immediately. Maybe you find one at your local dealer.

More information here: UDO Audio

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