New Laurent Baloran Synthesizer Is Coming To SynthFest 2021

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Laurent Baloran, developer of The River analog polysynth, has announced a new Synthesizer for SynthFest 2021, the first sound demo is already available

It seems that all Synthesizer manufacturers resurrected in September. After the official release of the UDO Super 6, the Arturia PolyBrute yesterday, the announcement of a new Baloran synthesizer came later yesterday evening. As a reminder: the French manufacturer Baloran (Laurent Baloran) became famous for its huge The River boutique polyphonic analog Synthesizer, which some consider the better Moog One.

Yesterday the developer published a video in which he plays a secret new Synthesizer. So a sound demo from a mysterious synth. Since you only see a kind of plug-in interface in the video, some have already said it will be software.

New Baloran Synthesizer

Laurent Baloran clearly denied this in the YouTube comments and explain further:

“That’s definitely not a soft synth”, “Thanks, I can’t tell on tech too much but it’s not strictly speaking a wavefolder;)” and “No more precise information before SynthFest 2021, you will have to be there;

Shortly afterward, he responded to comments with an interesting reply

Thank you, yes, it’s horror in the foreground. It’s not a prototype, but rather a sandbox to test/validate my ideas and schematics. How it works, it’s half a voice card. I should go to V2, a real voice card prototype, pretty quickly now. The control panel is virtual, developed under JUCE, but very similar to what the physical panel will be. This allowed me to validate the ergonomic ideas.”

What Is Laurent Hiding From Us Here?

We clearly know that there will be no software (plug-in, iOS) but it can be a Synthesizer with a digital engine or a hybrid. The sound is rather smooth in my opinion and reminds a bit of Oberheim. Especially interesting is the preset from 3:03 onwards that also sounds very digital, very wavetable like. It will certainly be interesting what Laurent Baloran will present to us at SynthFest 2021. There it will celebrate its premiere.

More information here: Baloran 

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