Arturia KeyStep Pro Firmware 1.3 Adds MIDI Channels Per Project & More

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Arturia has updated its “Universal Sequencing Mastermind” KeyStep Pro to firmware 1.3 with new handy features (MIDI channels per project), and improvements

Arturia Keystep is without a doubt a real best-seller in the sequencer sector. With the big brother Keytep Pro, they released a bigger version described as “universal sequencing mastermind” designed to sequence up to 4 tracks of notes and drums. Like four Keysteps in one device but even more powerful and versatile. Since the release, the French developers have regularly released new updates that improve the device.

The firmware 1.3 is the latest update for the Keystep Pro which once again contains nice new features and improvements which the owners will be happy about.

Arturia Keystep Pro Firmware 1.3

New In Keystep Pro Firmware 1.3

Once transferred and installed via the Arturia MIDI Control Center, the Keystep Pro version 1.3 offers a good amount of new features to discover. You can now determine specific tracks’ output MIDI channel project. This is a handy addition and makes the navigation of multiple devices in performances and sessions much easier. The MIDI In information has also been expanded so that the keyboard now transmits pitch-wheel & sustain messages to their respective tracks/channels.

Mod CV area has also been improved in the new firmware. The Mod CV outputs can now send data using either the velocity, aftertouch or mod-wheel output values. Further, they refined the transpose in the Keystep Pro. More precisely it now also applies to arpeggios currently playing, and Transpose Compensation keeps newly-recorded notes in key with the sequence when transpose is cleared. Also, the Tie/Rest button’s functionality has been improved to allow extending steps in a more intuitive and familiar way.

Besides this, the Arturia developers have expanded a number of workflow functions including improved Quick Editing, instantly switching drum mutes off, streamlined page erasing, intuitive note overlapping, and more. They also updated a number of essential utility functions, including Factory Reset, MIDI channel shortcuts, refined screen & LED visual feedback, and much more.

Less exciting but very important: the new firmware update includes bug fixes that make the KSPro more reliable and efficient.

The new firmware 1.3 for the Arturia KeyStep Pro is available now from the official website.

More information here: Arturia

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