Teenage Engineering’s New Magic Apparatus Is Probably A Bluetooth Speaker

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Shortly after the second Teenage Engineering teaser release, there was a leak from Japan that predicts a new Bluetooth speaker named OB-4

When Teenage Engineering publishes a teaser, the “rumors kitchen” boils like no other company. Many musicians want an even better but more affordable successor to the legendary OP-1, a kind of OP-2. Currently, many users speculate on a new OP-2 or creative field recorder with a built-in re-synthesizer because the first TE teaser speaks about a device good for outdoors.

Shortly before the start of the weekend, Teenage Engineering published the second teaser where you can see a PCB where an essential part is hidden.

Teenage Engineering Speaker PCB

today it’s only 26 days left until we launch our new little magic apparatus. this one is for the electronic engineers out there to figure out. we have pixelated out one part that might give away the surprise. see you next friday and have a lovely weekend!

OB-4 Japan Leak

Another exciting note about the upcoming product. However, this loses tension with the latest leak from Japan. Thanks to the Japanese regulatory filing, the new TE is now no longer a secret. It’s a new Bluetooth speaker called OB-4. The document doesn’t say much about what unique features we can expect from the new TE release, but it includes photos of the product.

Teenage engineering OB-4

Certainly a bit disappointing for many fans of synthesizers and electronic music instruments. Another Bluetooth speaker from Teenage Engineering after working with IKEA. However, there are signs that it is not a classic speaker. TE products are always different and maybe it includes some features you don’t see on any other speaker on the market.

We will get all details about the new Teenage Engineering OB-4 at the release end of September. But one thing is certain, it is not a music creation tool


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