3 Good News From Teenage Engineering: OP-Z Update With Sampling, Pocket Operator Modular 170 & 16 Now Available

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Three good news coming from Teenage Engineering. First, there is a free OS update for the OP-Z multimedia Synthesizer with which you can now sample in real-time from a microphone, headset or USB.

There is also news from the Pocket Operator Modular side. After a difficult start with a longer production stop, the 170 modular synth (the red) and the 16 Keyboard/Sequencer are now available exclusively from the TE online store

.Teenage Engineering Pocket Operator Modular 170

Pocket Operator Modular 170 – DIY, 5 Modules, Keyboard/Sequencer In A Red Case

Pocket Operator Modular 170 is a monophonic analog Synthesizer which features a square VCO, a filter, envelope, LFO, VCA, and a built-in keyboard/sequencer. It comes also with an internal speaker and battery pack.


Pocket Operator Modular 16 Keyboard/Sequencer

The 16 is a stand-alone keyboard with individual tuneable keys and programmable step sequencer. Important, the unit doesn’t make any sound but is designed to control the 400 or other modular Synthesizers. It sends out CV, pitch, and trig.

Sample With The OP-Z

Finally, you can s-s-s-sample with the OP-Z! Since the release of the OP-Z, a lot of people have asked for a sampling function and teenage engineering are now happy to announce that they have made their wishes come true. The new os update for the OP-Z will be available for download today. It includes a brand new sampling mode functionality and lets you sample directly to your OP-Z from a microphone, headset or USB.

With the 2 channel audio interface, you can now send digital audio to your OP-Z for sampling and receive digital audio from your OP-Z for easy recording. the update also features a full OP-1 sample format that supports pitch, gain, play mode and play direction. other updates in the new os are improved stability and bug fixes.

teenage engineering OP-Z

Teenage Engineering OP-Z firmware update is free of charge. Pocket Operator Modular 170 is available now for 355€ and 16 Keyboard/Sequencer for 175€.

More information here: Teenage Engineering 

Teenage Engineering OP-Z is available at our partner


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