Native Instruments Maschine +, Standalone Groove Box Leaked

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Will the machine finally become standalone? According to Vintage King, a Native Instruments Machine + is about to be released which is exactly that

It’s a subject like chewing gum: will Native Instruments bring a standalone version of their popular machine or not. One day it says yes, the other no, the subject is off the table. Now, this topic has been given concrete forms and it confirms a machine standalone. The American shop Vintage King leaked this last night.

According to VK, The Native Instruments Maschine+ is an “immersive, standalone groovebox for production and performance. It offers a fast, intuitive workflow for control over sampling, synthesis, and effects, plus premium sounds from Native Instruments”.

Native Instruments Maschine +


As the leak tells us, there is a quad-core CPU with 4GB RAM in the upcoming Maschine +. Doesn’t sound like a powerless device. On the backside, they added a microphone input, stereo line input, pedal input, “true” MIDI In/Out, line level, and phone output. Cool, it also includes a two-port USB hub probably designed or connecting other MIDI controllers to it like a keyboard. More of that in hardware music tech, please.

How Native Instruments has implemented the whole thing, i.e. more precisely what the software looks like in the Machine +, is not known. It will certainly be very close to the original concept, if not the same. Further, the leak says it comes with 32 GB of internal storage and it comes with a 64GB card. It is equipped with an 8 GB library and comes with a software bundle that probably runs only on a computer. I don’t expect all the deep possibilities the machine software can do, especially not VST plugins on the standalone version. That could be super cool but technically hard to implement.

Maschine +

The Vintage King leaked the following information


  • Immersive standalone workflow for creating beats and melodies, sampling, arranging music, and performing on stage or in the studio
  • Includes Maschine+ Selection with industry-leading instruments, sounds, and effects, plus renowned Maschine drum and bass synth plug-ins and effects
  • Quad-core CPU and 4 GB RAM for fast, seamless creation when it counts
  • Pro-grade, 44 kHz/32-bit audio interface with 2 x ¼” TRS line outputs, 2 x ¼” TRS line inputs, ¼” dynamic mic input, stereo headphone output, 1 x MIDI In, 1 x MIDI out; 1 x Footswitch, 2 x USB ports for MIDI controllers/external HDDs
  • Robust, anodized aluminum design for years on the road and in the studio
  • Iconic Maschine features and workflow including 16 velocity-sensitive pads, Maschine effects and plugins, swing, pad link, note repeat, step sequencer, and vintage sampler emulation
  • Use standalone or with a computer – integrate with your studio workflow, and unplug for DAW-less setups or live performances
  • WiFi and Link enabled for wirelessly installing and updating products, collaborating with others, and syncing with other gear
  • quad-core processor, 4GB of dual-channel DDR3L RAM, 32GB internal eMMC flash storage (for OS and factory content), 2x color displays (480×272)
  • 64GB SD card included
  • WIFI enabled
  • Included software: Maschine+ includes Maschine+ Selection, a curated package of instruments, effects, and Expansions chosen for use in both standalone and controller mode:
  • Maschine Factory Library: 8GB library of high-quality sounds, drum kits, multi-sampled instruments, patterns, projects, and sliced loops, Bass Synth, and Drum Synths: 5 fully tweakable, automatable drum plug-ins.
  • ….

Probably, the most important sentence of the leak: You can use Maschine+ without a computer, but you’ll need a wireless internet connection and your Native ID to get set up. I hope this leak is true and the topic becomes a reality. It wouldn’t make sense if a shop had any renders or fictional products. But the moment would fit, tomorrow is the “holy” 909 Day, and what better way to show such a product.

Native Instruments Maschine + will cost $1399 according to Vintage King.

More information soon: (partner link): Native Instruments

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  1. I hope NI finally use better quality endless potentiometers or even better optical high quality encorder which keep the same resistance (longer than a month) and keep working without any parameter jumps for more than 3 years.
    Or atleat offer spare parts…
    Until then NOPE, never ever

  2. Without baterries I see no point on spending extra money for “standalone” feature. And same stupidity with 2 screens and annoying maschine software. I had a Maschine Mk3 once and immediately sold it…

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