NI Absynth 5.3.3, Interstellar Update Adds 200 New Presets, Big Sur Support But No GUI Change

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It’s not a dream, NI has updated Absynth 5 to version 5.3.3 after 6 years of silence with 200 new presets, Big Sur support & more. 

There are many software synthesizers. Some are true insiders, others are legends. I would rate Native Instruments Absynth 5 as almost legendary. Even if it looks like Anno 2000, many experimental musicians use the synth plugin to design large soundscapes.

Absynth 5 recently got an update, the first in 6 years. There is not much new, but it’s nice to see that the plugin is maintained again.

NI Absynth 5.3.3.

NI Absynth 5.3.3 Interstellar Update

The Absynth 5.3.3 interstellar update brings 200 new presets, ranging from alien soundscapes to futuristic basses, leads, and more, all using ABSYNTH’s unique semi-modular engine to explore rich, new sonic universes. Further, the developers add Big Sur compatibility and fixed several critical bugs.

  • Activating autoscaling option in Cubase 11 on Windows can lead to UI glitches.
  • Setting autoscaling to off in Ableton Live 10.1 on Windows can lead to UI glitches.
  • Opening modal dialog windows crashes the UI on macOS Big Sur.
  • Reason 9.5 to 11 crashes when loading Absynth VST.
  • Browser/Explorer does not show Volume/Drive in exFAT format.
  • Last item in File Browser disappears once the folder is collapsed
  • Improved: Activation screen now points to Native Access.
  • Known issue: Absynth 5 standalone occasionally crashes on quitting.

GUI Change, Absynth 6,…?

After 6 years Absynth 5 got a little update. Many casual users are happy, real fans of the soft synth less so. This is probably due to the very slow and irregular product maintenance. In my opinion, Absynth 5 urgently needs a big update which mainly includes a major GUI update. The GUI is reminiscent of plugins from the early 2000s. Very blurred and difficult to read. Needless to say, what this looks like on high-resolution 4K screens.

Dear NI team. Absynth 5 does not need a feature update immediately, a GUI update for the beginning would be a big step forward. It is not yet known whether an Absynth 6 will be launched in 2021. It would certainly be nice. This update shows that NI is working on the plugin again. I do not hope that it is just an exception and that we have to wait another 6 years for the next update. Ok, if they always come from space, you can understand the waiting time. #interstellarupdate

The new NI Absynth 5.3.3 Interstellar update is free of charge for existing customers and available from Native Access.

More information here: Native Instruments 

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