Walrus Audio Julianna, Julia’s Stereo Chorus Sister Expanded In Features For Deeper Soundscapes

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Walrus Audio Julianna is Julia’s big stereo sister with more features for deeper, near-endless lush chorus & vibrato soundscapes 

Pedals are an addiction like synths or Eurorack modules. The more beautiful, the higher the interest in it. Walrus Audio does a lot of things right here: eye-catching designs, creative features, and sounds that have their own character and richness. With Julianna, they continue doing exactly that.

Julianna is a stereo adaption of Walrus Audio’s popular Julia chorus/vibrato pedal expanded with a wealth of new features. The first differences can be seen on the lovely interface: new graphics, stereo operation instead of mono inputs/outputs, additional footswitch to operate the onboard tap tempo, and a new switch. But more analog chorus goodness is hidden inside

Walrus Audio Julianna

Julia’s Deluxe Sister

Even if guitarists and Synthesizer players are very satisfied with Julia, Walrus Audio goes several steps further and raises the level with Julianna. One big new feature is a drift functionality that brings new flexibility to both LFOs. The first LFO can now gently speed up and down thanks to this new feature while the second-speed ramps the LFO rate up or down based on the position of the rate knob. It’s like having a little robot inside your pedal moving the rate knob up and down. It also includes a new random LFO shape that lets you modulate the pitch of your signal even deeper.

Julianna also adds two types of tapes to the feature set: tap multiplier options & tap division that lets you scale a tapped in tempo. There’s the option for external tap tempo and expression control, too. Familiar controls from the mono version like Lag, Dry-Chorus-Vibrato Blend, and selectable LFO wave shapes are all still here.


Here is everything you need to know about Julianna’s features.

  • Tap Tempo Control: Set the rate of the LFO with the Rate knob or the tap tempo switch.
  • Stereo In/Out Jacks: Run mono in/mono out, mono in/stereo out, stereo in/stereo out.
  • Momentary Secondary LFO Speed: Ramp up or slow down to a second LFO rate.
  • Drift Function: Gently speed up and slow down the LFO rate. Kinda like having a little robot inside your pedal moving the Rate knob up and down. See manual for details. You’ll like this one.
  • Random LFO Shape: In addition to sine and triangle, Julianna adds a random wave shape option to modulate the pitch of your signal.
  • Tap Division: Select quarter note, quarter note triplet, or eighth note multiplier to scale a tapped in tempo.
  • Expression Control: Control Depth, Rate, or both with an expression pedal.
  • External Tap In.

Julianna is able to produce mild smooth chorus, to seasick vibrato, to everywhere in between. I’m pretty sure this pedal will sound lovely even with synthesizers.

Walrus Audio Julianna is available now for $249 USD.

More information here: WA 


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