Instruō tàin, New Bidirectional 2-Channel Eurorack Switch For Audio & CV Signals

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In addition to the lìon patch matrix, Instruo is showing tàin, a new bidirectional 2-channel Eurorack switch for audio & cv signals

Instruō has not only presented lìon but also another new module. Like lìon, Tàin (tain) is also designed for advanced signal routings and is also inspired by synths of the 1970s. Tàin is a bidirectional 2-channel switch for CV and audio signals. Each channel can act as a switch with one input and two outputs or two inputs and one output.

Each channel has a button on the faceplate for manual operation and a trigger/gate input for switching via an external signal. Cool, you can modulate the switching process with audio frequency that opens new creative options. It is also possible to switch between push-button and switching functions (momentary / latch) for each channel.

Instruō tàin


  • Dual analogue bidirectional switching
  • Manual button per channel
  • Momentary and latching functionality
  • Audio and CV compatibility

Both new Instruō modules (tàin & lìon) are not a sound miracle but a very nice and helpful routing aids for your Eurorack system. They can show you possible new routing options that were not possible with your previous system or were only hidden. Real sources of ideas

Instruō tàin is available now for £139.00.

More information here: Instruō

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