Instruō Intros lìon, Multi-Functional Matrix Mixer For Eurorack

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With lìon, Instruō presents a clever multi-functional 6×6 matrix for the Eurorack format for creative signal routing, mixing, and mangling 

Instruō from Scotland has today introduced lìon (Leon), a new 6×6 pin-style matrix mixer module for Eurorack. It is inspired by the pin-style interfaces found on iconic modular synthesizers of the 1970s like the EMS VCS3.

With its 16HP size, it is not a small, narrow module, but it has a lot of creative features that go far beyond of classic mixing. It can be described as a multi-functional routing matrix.

Instruō lìon

Versatile Applications

Instruō lìon offers a multitude of different uses. How the module is used in your setup depends on how you have patched the matrix. The connection between signals is not made with classic Eurorack cables but with TRS cables that can be plugged in the TRS sockets of the module. For this, Instruō delivers the module with 10 “pin cables” and 2 insert cables (black send & gold return) with which you can start parting right out of the box.

First of all, it can be used as a more or less classic mixing module where you can mix various signals together, each with different levels of attenuations based on which patch points you insert pin cables intro. Lìon can also be used for advanced cross modulations (FM, wavefold) between oscillators, for creating feedbacks or as a simple passive multiple. However, I would use the module for other functions, since you can do simple multipliers with smaller modules. Also interesting is that the module can act as an effect insert router or as a 1V/oct router with variations of the original signal.


  • 6×6 pin-style matrix mixer
  • Send & return insert capabilities
  • True summing
  • Passive multiple functionalities
  • Cascaded attenuation through channels 3-6
  • Includes 10 pin cables
  • Includes 2 insert cables (black = send, gold = return)

Instruō lìon is available now for £279.00.

More information here: Instruō

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