Steda Electronics SR-909 (DIY TR-909) Is Ready For Your Beats

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At the beginning of summer, Steda Electronics showed the first teaser of their DIY Roland TR-909 clone, now the SR-909 is ready and it sounds impressive.

We are still waiting for the Behringer RD-9. In the meantime, however, there are alternatives, especially for the DIY scene. In June I reported on Steda Electronics, a new music tech company that had introduced its upcoming TR-909 drum machine clone at the time. At this time there were already the first sound demos.

Today, the company announced that its SR-909 Rhythm Box project is ready to pre-order. They are supplying the product in kit form in different purchase options: only the motherboard, sequencer board, partial kit, or the whole experience with the complete kit plus case. According to the developer, the SR-909 comes with 12 outputs, one for each drum sound and a MIDI interface.

Steda Electronics SR-909

Unlike the original, Steda Electronics are using black instead of white buttons.

We started this project a year ago, a brief history of our project can be tracked on the Muff forum and instagram. We wanted to create the exact replica of the 909 and now we’ve built the first accurate copy of this classic drum machine.To begin with, we decided to study the circuit and its components. Then we had to look for alternatives to mechanical parts, they don’t affect the sound but they are pretty rare and expensive, and sometimes they’re not available at all.

To keep the sound of the original 909 was our main task and I think we’ve finally found good solutions. And now we are ready to share our project.

I’ve listened to the new demos and I like the sound the machine makes. It’s very authentic and reproduces nicely the sound of the original Roland TR-909. Great job Steda.

Steda Electronics SR-909 is available now as a DIY project from for $909 and they expect to ship on October 15th. Additional components are required and the final price will be $1100+.

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