ALM Pip Slope Mk2 Function Generator Adds New Morphing Shapes, Loop Modes & More

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ALM Pip Slope Mk2 is a 4HP function generator for Eurorack that adds in version Mk2 new morphing shapes, loop modes & more 

The UK-based Eurorack manufacturer ALM / Busy Circuits has today updated its compact function generator Pip Slope to Mk2. With its space-saving 4HP format, the module offers a lot of interesting shaping functions. Besides, its classic envelope characteristics (attack/decay and attack/sustain/decay ) and CV over attack & decay times, it offers envelope shape morphing between exponential, linear, and logarithmic type slopes.

Pip Slope does not generate basic envelopes but goes behind that: looping shapes like LFOs, repeating infinitely or decreasing with time or amplitude for echo, and bouncing ball type effects. Plus, it has an ‘End of Cycle’ trigger output that expands the envelopes functionality for both clocking & burst or fill type effects.

ALM Pip Slope MK2

What’s New

Ok, this was a bit unfair, in the text above you got already a first look at the new features. Here again, everything that is new. For those who are afraid of limited space in the rack, all new features have been added to the 4HP format that was found in the previous model. The improvements include increased output resolution, fine control of fast envelopes, a new morphing shape control, switchable 5v or 8v maximum envelope level, additional loop modes, and an additional trigger output.


  • Compact envelope and function generator in 4HP.
  • Trigger and gate inputs.
  • Voltage and direct control of attack and release times.
  • Snappy or super long envelope times – ranging approx 1ms to 7 minutes per stage.
  • Optional self looping ability with 3 different loop modes: Decreasing amplitude, decreasing time, and regular loop.
  • Shape control that morphs the envelope shape from logarithmic to linear to exponential curves.
  • End of Slope trigger output that fires a trigger at the end the envelope or loop cycle.
  • Selectable 5v or 8v max envelope level output.
  • Reverse polarity protection.
  • Skiff friendly.
  • Designed and Made in the UK.

ALM Pip Slope Mk2 is available now .

More information here: ALM

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