Percussa SSP Update Brings Better VST Support And MI Clouds & Rings As Module

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Percussa ‘s latest update for its SSP module brings improved VST support that includes ports of the Mutable Instruments Clouds & Rings as VST module

The Percussa DSP is probably the most powerful and versatile Euroack module on the market. With its quad-core ARM cortex A17 processor, it’s a 60HP multi-channel modular synth for your Eurorack. It’s like a modular inside a modular that can do everything. Ok no cafe cooking, but know what’s coming in the future. It can operate as polyphonic synths, samplers, granular, or FX processors, all inside the module. On top, all inputs and outputs are capable of sending and receiving CV/audio/gate/trigger signals.

Sounds like a dream module. Yes, exactly, but with a retail price of $2000, the whole SSP experience is pretty expensive. Even the community is manageable, Bert the developer continues to develop further its Super Signal Processor and brings the module further with each update. In July 2018, he added support or Linux VSTs. Yes, VSTs in a Eurorack module is a bit OP but that’s not all. A new update is out that makes it even more powerful.

Percussa SSP

SSP Update 26082020

The latest update for the Super Signal Processor (SSP) brings improved support for VST plugins, a new software development kit (SDK) for developers working on VST plugins for the SSP, various fixes, improvements, and a new version of the quad-VCA (QVCA) plugin for the SSP. With this update, Bert makes it easier to develop new third-party addons for the module.

The update allows VST plugins, developed by 3rd party developers, to blend in with the native built-in modules of the SSP, which already includes wavetable oscillators, samplers, granular processors, traditional oscillators and virtual analog filters, envelopes, sequencers, arpeggiators, reverb and delay processors, noise generators, and microtonal quantization modules. Users can now directly insert VST plugins from the SSP’s main module picker, which speeds up building polyphonic patches.

SSP Mutable Instruments VST

The new update also includes new VST modules for the SSP made by The Technobear which are based on the popular Mutable Instruments Rings and Clouds modules, as well as a multi-channel performance mixer. People who have the SSP module no longer need to buy Clouds or Rings, it is now available directly in the Percussa module and not in one instance. The DSP even allows you to have several at the same time. For example, four signals each equipped with a Clouds processor.

This new interface and the new Mutable Instrument Modules make the SSP even more exciting. The SSP is an expensive investment but what you get is enormous. And with the many functions in one module, you don’t have to buy other modules.

Percussa SSP update 26082020 and the new modules are available now as a free download on the official forum.

More information: Percussa

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