Error Instruments The Singularity, a multi-function module with internal patching and hacking

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Error Instruments releases The Singularity, a new wild multi-function module with internal patching and hacking options.

Multi-functional modules are helpful tools for adding multiple functions in a single module. Lots of functionality in little HP. This saves the need for small, individual modules that take up a lot of expensive rack space.

Multi modules are available in every feature scope, from small with well-curated functions to true Swiss army knives like the Expert Sleepers Disting. Too classic? The Dutch company now has a multi-functional module in its portfolio that shakes up this field with experimental ideas

 Error Instruments ‎The Singularity

Error Instruments The Singularity

The Singularity is a unique multi-function module with creative and practical features. It’s a large 16HP module with a central patch matrix and sockets for raw components. The possible features range from all-time classics to advanced ones. 

It starts with a function allowing it to be an active and passive module for different power supply roll-off options. Via the sockets, you can also change or double the capacitors of the module, giving you more flexibility in sound design. Users can also plug in an LED with a pre-programmed pulse. 

Then, it hosts a divider section with built-in clock divers inspired by an analog computer. It can host up to three CV or gate inputs, whether you’re using it in a passive or active mode.

Another highlight of the Singularity module is a built-in lowpass gate for creating dynamic organic plucky or drum sounds. There is also a meter for power, allowing you to adjust the voltage to achieve the desired level of activity or passivity.

Error Instruments’ new module also incorporates a mix of logic and CMOS variable capacitors inspired by the tropical noise module. Thus, it’s a CV/gate tool and a versatile sound manipulator. 

Lastly, it comes with three patch cables for internal patching and 20 caps of different compartments, providing ample room for experimentation.

First Impression

A very unusual, experimental multi-function module from Error Instruments. The ability to hack the module with components is very crazy and refreshing in the whole multi-functional module business. 

Error Instruments The Singularity is available now for 299€. 

More information here: Error Instruments

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