Eventide’s New ShimmerVerb Brings Shifting Textural Reverbs To PC, Mac & iOS

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Eventide ShimmerVerb is the next release from the H9 series and is a performance-oriented shimmer reverb for PC / Mac / iOS that makes every signal dream

One of the most diligent developer companies in lockdown is Eventide. Over the past months, the US-based company released numerous new effect plugins/iOS apps. After last month’s Undulator, there is now an almost magical effect available that makes every sound beautiful. ShimmerVerb is Eventide’s answer to the continuously growing market of shimmer reverb plugins. ShimmerVerb is based on an algorithm from the H9 pedal that combines a massively lustrous reverb with parallel pitch shifters to add layers making any signal shimmer.

The sound can also be created with individual effects (reverb + pitch shifter), but having a plugin only for that sound effect is more practical and saves resources. Eventide has build-in his H9 shimmer algorithm a new plugin/iOS app that has been refined and extended with modern features. For example, you can fine-tune the feedback by specifying which frequencies are fed back through the low/mid/high cross-over network.

Eventide ShimmerVerb

The new Eventide plugin also follows the same design philosophy as the previous releases. This includes a playable & performance-based interface, enough parameters but without appearing overloaded, MIDI controllable… The beloved ribbon controller should not be missing here with which you can morph between two settings with one control. Desktop users can plug in a MIDI keyboard and gain tactile command over this function via the modulation wheel.

Ribbon mappings are great for Feedback swells, moving the Pitch knobs, or changing the Size for a massive detuning result. Also onboard is a Hotswitch for calling up another state of parameters inside the same preset. Finally, the FREEZE button allows you to make smeared textures out of single voices, full pads, or percussive elements resulting in metallic “shimmers.” The plugin is capable of creating a wide of range reverb effects but especially dreamy ambiances that fit on guitars, synths & more. Sound like another must-have Eventide plugin/iOS app or?


  • Unique reverb plug-in with parallel pitch-shifters on the reverb tail
  • Easily pitch with perfect fourths, fifths, and octaves
  • MicroPitch tuning available around perfect intervals
  • Four octaves of pitch shifting (from two octaves down to two octaves up)
  • Delay pitched signals up to one second or sync them to your DAW’s tempo
  • FEEDBACK determines how much delayed signal is fed back into the input of the reverb
  • Low, Mid, and High cross-over network determines which frequencies are fed back
  • FREEZE holds the current state of the reverb in a smeared texture
  • The RIBBON allows for real-time modification of several parameters at once
  • HOTSWITCH allows for instant switching between two sets of parameters within one preset

Eventide ShimmerVerb is available now for PC & Mac (VST, VST3, AU, AAX) as well as iOS (AUv3). The plugin version is on sale for $39 USD.

More information here: Eventide

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