Koala FX Is A New Creative Touch Multi-FX Processor For iOS

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Koala Sampler’s excellent and super inspiring effects are now available as a separate Koala FX app, with which you can use them with any other app.

With Koala, Marek Bereza has developed a super intuitive sampler with which you can sample and make beats on the go. Like a Roland SP404 sampler for your pocket. This sampler app is also equipped with exciting effects with which you can further manipulate your samples and tracks. Since these are very popular, Marek has now developed a separate AUv3 effect app called Koala FX with which the effects can also be used outside of the Koala sampler.

Koala FX is described as an ultimate creative effects unit that offers 16 one-touch effects. These can be played intuitively like an instrument, allowing you to effortlessly morph and twist your track into something beautiful. Comparable to the Korg Kaoss Pad in my opinion. The app includes all the beloved mix effects from the sampler app, but refined and souped-up to allow super smooth cuts and crossfades.

Koala FX

16 Effect Processors, From Normal To Experimental

Koala FX has 16 built-in effects that can be rearranged by simply dragging them. It includes:

  • crush – bit-crusher with transistor distortion
  • pitch – frequency-domain pitch shifter
  • comb – super short smooth interpolating delay with gallons of feedback
  • ring – modeled diode ring modulator
  • reverb – efficient Schroeder topology reverb
  • stutter – loops a fragment of sound coming into koala fx and loops it in time with the music
  • gate – noise gate with hysteresis
  • filter – combined low and high pass analog modeled filter
  • cutter – chops the signal to the beat
  • reverse – delay effect that reverses parts of your sound in time to the music
  • dub – vari-speed analog-style tape delay
  • tempo delay – tempo-synced delay
  • talkbox – formant filter based on human vocal tract
  • vibroflange – half-vibrato, half-flanger
  • dirty – analog modeled valve distortion
  • compressor – hard knee opto-style compressor

The app allows you to save up to 8 scenes per preset, so you can but between them in time with the music. Thanks to a giant 8-way X-X pad, you can smoothly crossfade between scenes what makes it very versatile especially for performances. An additional togglable hold mode allows you to keep some effects engaged, and others off when you let go to them. It is fully automatable via your host including the effects, volume, scene, and the XY pad.

Koala FX is available now for $3.99 USD on the Apple App Store. It is an AUv3 (Audio Unit Effect Plugin) which requires a compatible host or DAW on iOS to work such as GarageBand, AUM, Auria Pro…

More information here: Marek Bereza

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