Exonic UK MegaHertz, New Synthesizer Plugin For Your First Semi-Modular Steps

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Exonic UK releases MegaHertz, a new synthesizer plugin for PC & Mac that offers an easy introduction to semi-modular synthesis

Exonic UK has today released MegaHertz, a new semi-modular patchable Synthesizer plugin. Everything starts with 2 high-resolution oscillators that offer sync, FM, as well as ring modulation. All the good stuff you need to make versatile synth sounds. To give your sound more body, it also includes a sub-oscillator but only in the first. Then there is a small stop in a mixer where both oscillators can mix together before going into a multimode, multi-slope zero-delay feedback filter with a built-in ADSR envelope. The filter is also equipped with an internal saturation for extra juiciness.

While we’re on modulations. There are two “hyper fast” envelopes as well as two LFOs, which is a little bit in my opinion. One LFO can be operated in monophonic, another in polyphonic. At the end of the chain, the sounds can be refined with various effects including a delay, distortion, phaser, chorus, reverb, and EQ.

Exonic UK MegaHertz

Sounds can either be played classically with the keyboard, droning with an open VCA, or they can be sequenced. For this, you have a built-in note and gate sequencer with per-step glide/latch control and multiple playback and triggering options. MegaHertz’s semi-modularity is implemented with a patch matrix with virtual cables on the right side. You have here 13 inputs and 13 outputs waiting to be patched.

This new semi-modular synth from the UK can be played in monophonic, in unison, or polyphonic. It comes with three dedicated emulation authenticity modes that allow scalability to a wide range of processing power requirements. Sound demos are available on the official website. At first glance a nice, easy-to-use semi-modular Synthesizer. The question I always ask myself with semi-modular plugins like this: is there still enough interest in such sound generators in times where we have VCV Rack (for free), or Voltage Modular for the same price but fully modular. Nonetheless, I wish Exonic UK every success with MegaHertz.

Exonic UK MegaHertz is available now for £89 (£129) as 64-bit VST2, VST3 and AU plugin for Mac and Windows. A trial version is available that is fully functional but introduces intermitted noise/mutes.

More information here: Exonicuk

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