Output Overture Brings Cinematic Sounds From Spitfire Audio To The Arcade Loop Synthesizer

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For Arcade Overture, Output has teamed up with the sample specialist from Spitfire Audio to create a range of new playable and instant tweakable cinematic sounds.

In 2018 Output started a new adventure with their Synthesizer plugin Arcade. More precisely, a loop-based Synthesizer with which loops/samples can be manipulated in a very short time. Users get constantly new sounds for Arcade. All this has a minor hitch, however. To use Arcade you have to get used to the subscription model of $ 10 per month, which you can cancel on a monthly basis. The concept seems to be working. Even 2 years after its launch, Arcade continues to grow with new features and sounds.

Biggest new addition is Overture, a new cinematic Arcade Line made in collaboration with Spitfire Audio, leaders in orchestral sampling. According to the developers is Overture suitable for the beat lab and the big screen, adding drama to any track with regal brass, soothing woodwinds, and massive string samples neatly packed into a diverse array of emotive Kits.

Output Arcade Overture

The first Overture sound bank features 30 kits that range from inspiring orchestral textures to modern film score elements. The delivery happens in the same way as all other sounds. They are directly built-in the Arcade plugin, with audio that always locks to tempo and pitch. These can be manipulated quickly with the simple interface and the propriety modifiers, making it fast to tweak content on the fly.

“Spitfire has mastered the art of orchestral samples, and the kits in Overture reflect the same amazing quality you’d get in one of their libraries,” said Output CEO Gregg Lehrman. “And with the Arcade engine, you can take those samples and mangle them into something completely new.” “Output and Spitfire have always shared a mutual respect, and we can’t wait to see what Arcade users do with our sounds,” said Spitfire Audio co-founder Christian Henson.

While many may not prefer the subscription route, this new collaboration shows that Arcade is a success. With Spitfire Audio Content, the platform has now received a epic sound upgrade.

Output Overture is now available free for all Arcade customers. I f you do not have an Arcade subscription, try it for 30 days with no limitations. ARCADE is updated with new features, product lines, loops, and samples all the time.

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