Faded Instruments Spectral Disturbtion, A Distortion Plugin With A Refreshing New Approach

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After synths, Faded Instruments now also develops effects and with Spectral Disturbtion they release a highly experimental distortion plug-in for endless crazy sounds

Just recently, Doron Sadja’s new software company Faded Instruments launched a series of experimental Synthesizer plugins. It was only a matter of time to me before he made effects with the same crazy approach. With Spectral Disturbtion, he released a multi-band Chebyshev Polynomial distortion plugin. It’s all about distortion, more precisely about distortion effects with a very unique character. For this, it offers the option to add harmonics, which can be both even-numbered and odd-numbered multiples (even/odd).

Thank to its multiband design, it is possible to choose different harmonics and different distortion amounts for the bass, mid, and high frequencies. Chebyshev’s inequality (Chebyshev) takes care of the distortion but the user does not need to know any mathematics for this. The operation takes place via an intuitive and easy-to-use interface where an X/Y pad generates polynomials from 1 to 9. So high math simplifies for music creation and deep sound design.

Faded Instruments Spectral Disturbtion

Spectral Disturbtion

Before we dive into the remaining features, it should be clarified how this math sounds on audio material. Well, it doesn’t sound like your typical distortion effect. It can create beautiful, harmonic rich distortion effects but also some brutal noise, weird harmonies, and more. It can destroy audio signals in a beautiful way without it being unusable anymore. Very interesting for industrial or noisy music productions or simply to make a sound stand out from the others.

But that’s not all. To make the effect even crazier and weird, it’s got SLOO  to slow down parameter changes, and BOO, which tangles up the internal routing (send the wrong signals to different Chebyshev shapers…)  – making it a little more unpredictable – and unique to play with it. Especially, the SLOO aka time shmear function works great on drones or gestural music.

Something is clear here, Spectral Disturbtion is not a normal distortion plugin, and the interface tells us that too. Very crazy, very colorful, and unique. As if the developer wanted to explain to us in a picturesque way what the algorithm does. I appreciate seeing plugins like this because they show something new, exciting, or even crazy. Peal or vintage device emulation are enough on the market. This is super cool.

Faded Instruments Spectral Disturbtion is available now for $16.66 USD for PC & Mac (VST/AU ), only in 64-bit. Unfortunately, there is no Mac VST at this point. Windows uses may need some common support files called the Visual C++ Redistributable Package”

More information here: Faded Instruments

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