W.A. Production Intros Orchid, New Shimmering Chorus Effect Plugin

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W.A. Production Orchid is a new chorus effect plugin that is inspired by a sound enrichment process of the 1980s combined with a shimmer effect.

Orchid is designed to fatten up synths, basses, guitars, vocals, or drums and add depth, richness, and harmonic structure.W.A. Production has not developed a classic chorus that already exists 100 times, but instead employ a sound processing technique of the 80s to fatten up sounds. Orchid does not double but quadruple your audio signal with four-way chorus processing.

Besides the classic chorus controls for speed and depth, Orchid also includes powerful ways to manipulate feedback. Here, you can process it with reverb, delay, shimmer, spread, and filtering. Some of the changes are applied separately to each of the 4 chorus modules which pushes the sound into phase and comb-filtered territory. With these options, you can design some very interesting chorus effects.

W.A. Production Orchid

So whether you want to bust out some authentic 80’s synth leads or add a new level of depth to more modern productions, Orchid should be your first choice for chorus processing. It handles basic effects with ease but really shines when the modules are pushed harder to produce head-scrambling audio.


  • Chorus on steroids.
  • 4-way chorus processing.
  • Multiple additional parameters.
  • Delay, Filtering & Reverb.
  • Harmonic generation via Shimmer dial.
  • Visual feedback.
  • Pop & click free bypass.
  • Responsive & CPU friendly.
  • Factory presets.
  • Full PDF Manual & Tutorial video.

W.A. Production Orchid is available now for the introductory price of $7,90 USD (regular $39.90 USD until August 4th, 2020. The plugin supports VST, VST3, AU, and AAX formats for Windows and Mac.

More information here. W.A. Prod.

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