Ladik Intros 13 New Affordable Eurorack Mixer, EQ & Utility Modules

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Ladik from the Czech Republic shows 13 new affordable modules at the same time that primarily deals with the subjects of audio mixer, EQ, and CV/gate utilities.

The Eurorack manufacturer market is huge. Modulargrid currently lists over 200 module manufacturers, from small to big ones. Even if many manufacturers are friends with each other, there is also a competition here. Everyone wants something from the cake. To achieve this, part of the budget is spent on marketing, for example on quality YouTube videos. But not all manufacturers can do that, many make it out of a second job or as a hobby. My goal as Synth Anatomy is not only to publish the hottest news from the big manufacturers but also to give an insight into the world of the very small ones.

Ladik from the Czech Republic, for example, does not do any marketing or videos, he only develops and produces. The company lists a huge number of interesting modules, many of which you may never have heard of. For me, Ladik is Doepfer from the Czech Republic. They already published in July 13 new modules, which are particularly interesting in the field of audio mixing. There are also some new CV/Gate utility modules for little money.

Ladik Mixing EQ

Audio Conversion & EQs

Let’s start with the new audio utility modules. The release includes the A-320 (4HP) that can be used as a new headphones amplifier or a stereo line output module with an adjustable level. The output can be switched to mono or stereo operation. There is also a new input module. The A-590 (4HP) is a new stereo line module with a slider that handy to integrate stereo signals like smartphones, tablets, laptops, walkman…It uses a 3,5 mm (1/8″) stereo cable (TRS) for line input and output.

A-595 is another stereo line input/output that is handy for conversions between line levels (stereo) and Eurorack levels. Unlike the previous one, this module has two ways to operate: from line level to Eurorack but also from Eurorack to stereo line. There are also some new handy mixing modules.

E-251 is a new simple 16HP stereo slider EQ module that offers an input level slider and a five-band EQ operated via individual sliders in 50/200/800/3200/12800Hz. E-252 is also a 16HP stereo slider EQ module but unlike the E-251, it offers five-bands with the frequencies 100/300/1000/3000/10000Hz. It’s an EQ module combo for in total £140. Ok, the EQ cannot be controlled by CV for advanced sound design, but it does what it is designed for and is relatively cheap.

Ladik Mixing EQ

New Ladik Mixer Modules

Ladik has not only expanded its Eurorack range with EQ products but also with new mixing modules. First of all. None of these are CV controllable, so very simple mixers but practical for Eurrack systems. M-610 is a 6-channel stereo slider mixer module (20HP) that offers left (mono) jack in, right jack in, level slider, pan/ balance pot for each channel. The sum will be sent to a mix out with left/right output jack and level slider. The little brother is the M-611 which is only a 3-channel stereo slider mixer module (12HP) with the same feature set.

However, both can be expanded in inputs later with the M-613 and M-616 modules. With the expansion, you get in total 9 inputs on the small version and 12 on the bigger one. The connection to M-610/611 mixer requires simple soldering of three wires (three soldering points)

In addition to the audio and mixing modules, there are also new CV and gate utilities. The R-112 is a new 4HP random trigger/gate generator module. Gate outputs can change their state with clock only, the density of generated trigs (and changing gate output state) however, is set by short button press (low/mid/high density). Density is common for both trig and gate sections. Exclusivity setting sets how many trigs (and gate changes) are generated at time: 0=no exclusivity,  any number of trigs (and gate changes) generated at time, 1= just one trig or just one gate state can change, 2= one of trigger and one of gate change can be generated.

Ladik utility

More CV Helpers

The S-230 is a shuffled grid module for Eurorack systems that can add swing to your sequences according to the swing button setting and CV input.

Bottom output jack in left column provides modified (shuffled) clock. Same swing can be added to up four input triggers (right column). If trigger memory is off input channel signal must be present at moment of input clock to generate appropriate channel trig output (triggers are generated while input gate is on). If trigger memory is on, rising edges of input triggers (or gates) are memorized and appropriate output trig is generated in clock “grid” (regular if swing is set to zero or swinged according to swing setting). This allows generation of trigs aligned to clock (straight or shuffled) from uncorelated signals (say free running LFOs or something). Generated trigs are 1/2/5ms long (set by long button press, underlined). In retrig mode next trigger is generated (with next clock) if input lasts “on” even when clock ends. Input gates are converted to trigs according to trig len setting (long button press).

U-032 Gate-to-trig converter (4HP) converts gates to trigs and limits trigger voltage using knob setting or input CV for limit voltage. Higher voltage (knob or CV) is used for limitation (“higher wins”). This arrangement easily allows the generation of “accent” using a gate signal (say if the knob is set to 3V, incoming  5V gate allows temporary voltage increase of generated trigs).
Output trig voltage cannot be higher than the input gate voltage.

Last but not least, we have the U-085 which is a new crossfader module that makes smooth crossfading between input 1 and 2 possible. It can be used as a simple fader for audio or CV (DC coupled).

On the whole a huge number of clever and very useful Eurorack modules. They are not designed pearls but very very practical and cheap.

The new Ladik audio, EQ, mixer & CV/Gate utility modules are available now and costs: A-320: £35.00,  A-590: £40.00, A-595: £40.00 in silver / £45.00 in black, E-251: £70.00, E-252: £70.00, M-610: £70.00, M-611: £50.00, M-613: £35.00, M-616: £55.00, R-112: £55.00 in silver/ £60.00 in black, S-230: £65.00 in silver £70.00 in black, U-032: £45.00 in silver or £50.00 in black & U-085: £40.00.

More information here: Ladik

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  1. I was planning to pick up a Ladik gate to trigger a few months ago. Now seems like a good time. And a stereo line input. And the Juno VCF. And….

    Unfortunately, it appears Ladik doesn’t ship to USA. Don’t see that too often. Oh well.

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