Source Audio’s New Collider Delay+Reverb Pedal Is Your Modular “Swiss Army Knife” For Complex Soundscapes

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Source Audio Collider is a delay + reverb pedal with a modular engine that is a true dream engine for Ambient & Soundscape musicians.

For ambient, drone or soundscape musicians, delay & reverb pedals are almost more important than the actual synth. This assumption comes mainly from the fact that many such dreamy sounds live from this effect combination. Source Audio has today introduced a guitar pedal, making it even easier to dive in this world of soundscapes without losing options of other pedals.

Source Audio’s pedals always score points with me because of their modular engine and in the new Collider Delay + Reverb, it can also be found again. It features 12 delay and reverb effects from the award-winning Nemesis Delay and Ventris Dual Reverb in one compact and easy-to-use pedal.

Source Audio Collider Delay Reverb

12 Hand-Picked Delay + Reverb Engines

  • Reverbs: room, hall, true spring reverb, plate, shimmer, E-Dome and swell. E-Dome (enormo-dome) produces long, lush reverb trails that linger for days. Invoke the sound of massive, arena settings with the Ventris Reverb’s largest room simulation. This one is huuuuge.
  • Delays: digital, analog, tape delay, reverse and oil can delay which is dark, jangly, warbling and distorted delay inspired by old oil can designs that previously appeared in the “Extended Delay Engines” on the Nemesis.

Powerful Modular Engine With A Sleek Interface

The Collider features two completely independent 56-bit signal processors, essentially housing a high-powered reverb AND a high-powered delay pedal in a single box. This means that it is possible to create magnificent tones with any two-effect combination of delay/reverb, delay/delay, or reverb/reverb.

Collider features six knobs on the hardware which offers delay time (pre), feedback, tone, control 1, control 2 and mix. With a switch on the pedal interface, it is possible to switch between the delay and reverb engine and thus to change the respective effects separately. Dual footswitches provide individual Engage/Bypass control over each effect making it a perfect choice for live performance.

Source Audio Collider

Full Access Via The Neuro Editor

Collider pedal is completely customizable internally via the Source Audio Neuro editor. This makes the pedal very deep and versatile. As usual for Source Audio pedals: what you have on the interface is just a taste of what the pedal can do. Here the user can edit all effet processors in detail, try out a new combination and manage/save presets. You can save 8 user presets or can recall 128 via MIDI.

Besides this, the pedal offers a wide range of other features and I/O options.

  • Stereo Inputs & Outputs – Create a lush stereo spread with true stereo inputs and outputs
  • Dual Processing – Features two completely independent processors – essentially providing two high-powered pedals in a single enclosure.
  • Analog Dry Through – When utilizing either delay or reverb, your signal still has an analog dry through path.
  • Universal Bypass – Select between true bypass, buffered bypass, or soft bypass with reverb trails. The Collider features high-quality signal relays for true bypass and transparent buffers for analog bypass.
  • Compact Design – The extruded anodized aluminum housing, with its slim profile and small footprint, is built for the rigors of the road.
  • 128 Presets – Save your favorite sounds with the touch of a button.  Save up to 8 presets recallable with the pedal’s onboard controls, plus a total of 128 presets recallable with an external MIDI controller.
  • Dual Delay or Reverb Control Set – The Neuro Mobile App and Neuro Desktop Editor provide access to “unlock” either side of the pedal, giving you access to the opposite side regardless of the switch position, meaning it is possible to use Collider as a Dual Delay pedal or a Dual Reverb pedal.
  • Tap Tempo ­– Tap in the delay time with the onboard tap tempo switch. Beat divisions include quarter notes, dotted eighth, and triplets
  • Reverb “Hold” Mode – Hold or “freeze” your reverb trail by holding down the REVERB switch when reverb is engaged to create a massive, ambient wall of sound, or a pad to play on top of.
  • Knobs “Lock” Switch – Flip the KNOBS switch to the center position to lock your controls in place, protecting your settings from accidental bumps in a live setting.
  • Complete MIDI Functionally – Send MIDI program change (PC), continuous controller (CC), or MIDI clock messages via the 5-pin MIDI DIN Input (also includes a MIDI Thru jack) or the USB port.
  • Expression Control – Easily configured the Collider to work with a variety of expression pedals and footswitches for various external control options

First Impression

Impressive delay reverb pedal. Especially the modular engine is exciting again and allows a lot of sound possibilities, especially for ambient musicians. I’m pretty sure this pedal sounds excellent also with synths.
Source Audio Collider will be available for $349 USD including a 9V DC power supply in October.

More information here: Source Audio 

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